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With the return of the NHL, players focused on scoring and fighting instead of protesting

Steve Keating

TORONTO (Reuters)-There were goals and fights, but no spectators or protests as the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the New York Rangers 3-2 on Saturday, and the National Hockey League also reinterpreted its coronavirus attack season .

The first game since the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the game on March 11 broke out, as the Hurricanes’ Jaccob Slavin scored the first goal in the 61st second of the game, which will be seen soon Ryan Strome of the Rangers and Justin Williams of Carolina dropped their gloves and beat each other.

In another NHL hub city in Edmonton, the situation was the same. The Chicago Blackhawks found that the Oilers were an early goal before leading the first stage 4-1 and winning 6-4.

In other early actions, the New York Islanders led 2-0 and then insisted on beating the Florida Panthers 2-1.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement: "During these 142 days, our game has stopped and the world has changed. We must change with it." "Finally put it down again this afternoon. With all the excitement of hockey, we are all free because you can't stand in the stands."

The NHL returned on a sweltering Toronto holiday weekend afternoon. On the street, people barely noticed because people passed the arena on their way to the island on the ferry and spent a day in the sun.

But for hockey hungry fans who are willing to spend the day in front of TV, there are many things that can go according to plan, including five games including Hurricanes and Rangers, which is one of the best five games in qualifying. , This will be the best qualifier for the TV show. The champion enters the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The NHL's return in Toronto was simple, with only a naked celebration, a short welcome video featuring celebrity fans before the national anthem.

Unlike the NBA, MLB and MLS, people know very little about the Black Lives Matter sport, which has become the spirit of excitement for athletes all over the world.

Although NBA, MLB and MLS players all showed a united attitude during the national anthem, none of the Hurricanes or Rangers chose to protest.

However, in Edmonton, the Oilers and Blackhawks got together on the ice hockey rink, and at the same time played a video tribute, and flashed the words "listen", "change" and "end racism".

Minnesota Wild Defender Mathew Dumba, one of the few black players in the National Football League (NHL), appeared and gave a speech during the National Anthem and knelt down.

Bateman said: "The killing of George Floyd and the ensuing demands for justice and equality have swept our countries. It requires us to accept what we have done at this point." "Therefore, we must and will do more and do better to make our game a welcome place for everyone."

(Reporting by Steve Keating in Toronto; Editing by Daniel Wallis)

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