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Weekend PC Game Sale: Perfect Time to Turn Around

Weekend PC Game Deals It is the most popular game transaction from the Internet gathered every week to a place for your consumption. So take a step back, relax, and hold your wallet tight.

First, you will find that the Epic Games Store is currently offering Civilization VI As this week ’s free game, it replaces last week ’s Grand Theft Auto V Give another huge gift.

If you request the basic content of the 4X strategy title developed by Firaxis (including its happy civilization) before May 28, these contents will be retained by you. As in recent weeks, the store is still keeping the next freebie near its chest until the new countdown timer reaches zero.

In addition, since the Epic Mega Sale and $ 10 duplicate coupons are still used in the store, so "Civilization VI" Platinum Edition The upgrade price is $ 29.99, which heralds major expansions and additional factions.

Jump to the bundle, Humility and Bandai Namco Another collection has been added, this time involving nine games.

Four-layer bundling starts with Pac-Man 256, break evenwith Being enslaved: The Odyssey Only $ 1. To continue, salary is above average Catamar Damisi reenactment, .hack // G.U. Last recode with RAD It is currently about $ 10.80.

The prices of the last two floors are $ 15 and $ 25 respectively, the former Tekken 7 with Berry Legend, And the latter increased Anthology of Dark Pictures: Medan To the packaging. The rest of the store, 10th anniversary Despotic independent bundling It ’s almost over from the beginning of this month, it provides you with similar games Starry sky, moonlight, And more.

Free event

After months of intense, free event weekend, there are only a few free games this time.

Bohemia Interactive's multiplayer survival game DayZ Now there is a free weekend for you to jump into the end of the world Obvious Friendly and will not kill you. It seems that the only other experience to enjoy a free weekend on Steam is a rhythm game DJMax: respect V. Both games are free until May 25.

at the same time, Interstellar citizen A free flight event will be held before June 1, allowing players to try its many available ships. Get more details here.

Big sale

In this weekend ’s big promotion, Epic will still go all out to provide $ 10 coupons and Super sale, And Humble has brought most of its transactions back to its final operation Spring sale. Have Pac-Man The transaction also needs to be packaged to celebrate its 40th birthday. We will find major deals and more information in the highlight list for the following weekends:

Advantages without DRM

Usually, there are some DRM-free games for sale this weekend:

Please keep in mind that the availability and price of certain transactions may vary depending on your region.

This is the benefit that our select PC games bring to people this weekend. I hope some of you will have enough self-discipline to not add more games backlog this season. Of course, if you work hard enough to sort out the entire Internet, there are still a lot of transactions ready and waiting on the Internet, so please keep your eyes open for those transactions and spend a pleasant weekend.

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