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Weekend PC game sale: freebies for dog lovers and high-profile

Weekend PC game specials It is a place where the most popular game transactions on the Internet every week are concentrated in one place for your consumption. So take a step back, relax, and hold your wallet tightly.

Starting with this week’s freebies, Epic Games has added surprises with more games than announced in its latest freebies. Except promise Stick man Promotion, The shop also did Football Manager 2020 with Watchdog 2 Get it for free.

Open world titles focused on hackers Watchdog 2 It has been given away by Ubisoft, but this is a great opportunity if you didn't catch it last time. Football Manager 2020 For simulator fans who want to run their own football club, it provides teams from all over the world for management. At last, Stick man It is a humorous narrative puzzle game. You will play the role of Ray. After the accident, he has gained the power to read the mind and change the world.

Following the trio, Epic plans to abandon the upcoming Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Full Version It was released on September 24th.

In other places, Steam also promotes freebies through DONTNOD Entertainment Life is strange 2 The first episode can be freely declared.

There have been a few "modest bundling" now, so let's start using its new features You can love the dog harness. It is obvious from the name that all eight games in this bundle have dogs that can keep pets.

For just $1, you can Infinite Doodler, Lightbulb Boy, Dog Sledding Legendwith Beyond the eyes. Increase the price to the second tier, which is currently less than $5 Grim Reaper One and Two with The taste of water is like wine. Finally, the $12 grade comes with a copy Blair Witch.

Also receiving attention this weekend is Humble's Better futures bundlingSo you can Torchlight, Agent A: Dilemma in disguisewith Throne of Lies Only $1. After that, the average second-tier salary (currently about $4) will increase Torchlight II, Road Redemption, with This mine battle To the collection. Two other projects came in the last layer, they are Paper and pen knight 1 + 2 collection with Mythical ocean.

Don't forget the previous week Totally tropical with Super simulation The bundle continues. Their names should give you clues about the types of games they contain.

The bundle is not over yet, this is the latest event from the Fanatical store this week Bundled up superstar Promotion. There are many collections to choose from, but we have selected some highlights.

of All stars build their own combination Will provide you with 18 kinds of games, and according to the amount you paid, you can choose the income you get. The game includes Hob, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition, DiRT Rally with Atari Bank, Although the inventory may run out. Put down $1 to get one game, $2.99 ​​to win five games, and $4.99 to get ten games.

You may also want to see Killer Pack 13, And several of these games overlap with one of the aforementioned "inconspicuous game packs". The package priced at $3.99 can provide copies of the following: One Finger Death Fist 2, Torch Light I with II, F1 2019, Shadow: Awakening, with Aggression-restart version.

Another interesting collection includes $3.99 Undercover suit,E.g Fahrenheit: Restored the prophecy of Indigo with Agatha Christie (ABC Murder),as well as Yakuza Bundle With 0, Chimi with Kiwi 2 The price is $26.49.

Big specials

Unfortunately, it seems that no free events are taking place this weekend, but this means that we can directly participate in big deals. THQ Nordic, Capcom, Asmodee, etc. sell a large part of their catalog, but there are many other highlights, including the prestigious Speak like a pirate Special offer:

Advantages of DRM-free

Unsurprisingly, there will also be DRM-free game sales this weekend. Our focus list below includes classic games and more modern games:

Keep in mind that the availability and prices of certain transactions may vary depending on your region.

This is the income that our selected PC games bring to people this weekend. I hope that some of you have enough self-discipline to not increase the backlog of more games this season. Of course, if you work hard enough to sort out the entire Internet, there are still a lot of transactions ready and waiting on the Internet, so please keep your eyes open for those transactions and have a nice weekend.

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