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Video game players win in real-world professional car racing debut

James Baldwin won his debut

The victory of a world-renowned video game player in a professional racing race proved his talent beyond the digital world.

Player James Baldwin (James Baldwin) and teammate Michael O’Brien (Michael O’Brien) won the silver medal in the first round of the 2020 British GT Championship.

The Rocket RJN driving of Team Johnson is part of Baldwin's winning the 2019 World's Fastest Gamer Competition Award.

His million-dollar race contract gave him the opportunity to drive a GT3-spec McLaren 720S.

The pace from the beginning

James Baldwin won his debut

Baldwin was shocked during the qualifying at Alton Park. He set the fastest lap time, but was deleted due to exceeding the track limit of Cheshire Circuit.

Fortunately, Baldwin's second-highest qualifying result is still enough for him and O'Brien to start tied for fourth place.

Baldwin performed well during the opening period, and then O’Brien got on track. When the leading car is punished, it allows the duo to claim the lead. O’Brien maintained his position and won the first round of the championship.

Create a new high score

James Baldwin won his debut

After a difficult second game, Baldwin and O'Brien initially finished seventh. However, in the decision after the game, the two rose to sixth place. In this way, they can lead the overall driver to the championship, which is an impressive debut for the former player.

Darren Cox, Co-CEO of Engine Media and founder of "The Fastest Player in the World" commented, "It is unprecedented for a player like this to enter a professional racing competition and win the first race. That is groundbreaking.

"This is not only a testament to the incredible talent we have discovered in James, but it is also the result of the progress of the simulation car-the similarity between the car in the game and the car on the track is getting closer.

Baldwin’s next chance to prove his real-world credibility is to race at Donington Park from August 15th to 16th.

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