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Tron will lead the crypto gaming industry and establish a new partnership

  • New York House Republican candidate David Gokhshtein announced on Twitter that Tron would dominate the cryptocurrency gaming industry.
  • Real estate company XRE Global will register its property on the Tron blockchain.

Republican candidate David Gokhshtein in the New York House of Representatives stated on his Twitter account that Tron will dominate the cryptocurrency gaming industry in the future. The tweet comes from comments made by IAmDecentralized.org co-founder Misha Lederman on the news of Tron partnering with tech giant Samsung.

Samsung's partnership with TRON will open up opportunities for the entire crypto industry

Justin Sun revealed 2 months ago that Tron will be integrated into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK v1.2.0. As a result, Samsung's Keystore wallet will be able to process transactions with TRX and one billion Samsung users will be able to access Tron-based dApps.

Sun recently interviewed Forbes on the theme "Samsung's embrace of TRON and other cryptocurrencies has only just begun". This interview is the focus of Lederman's thinking about the future of Tron and Gochstein.

Lederman welcomed the news and commented that the cooperation between Samsung and Tron would open the door to new opportunities for the entire crypto industry and responded to Republican candidates:

The game will become the entrance of hundreds of millions of new encrypted users into the blockchain world. If done correctly, most people don't even know that the game they are playing is running on the blockchain. Like TRON today, no one chain has scalability, funding, network and users.

Tron's partnership with real estate company XRE Global

On the other hand, Tron continues to build partnerships with key players in different fields. The latest sponsor is real estate company XRE Global. The company announced that it will register its property on the Tron blockchain. In addition, XRE said the displayed attributes will be used for sale, and they will accept their native XRE tokens and TRX tokens as a payment method.

XRE Global seeks to improve real estate transactions and business models. Via its twitter account, The company issued the following statement:

The actual use case is here. We showed a real product for the XREGLOBAL project. The first house is here. The property will be registered on the Tron blockchain, the first house registered on the platform.

Tron has partnerships and projects with huge potential based on its blockchain. For example, its acquisition of the DLive streaming platform could be YouTube's uncensored and more free choice. The video platform caused controversy last year when it reviewed content related to cryptocurrencies. The crypto community is demanding better alternatives, and Tron may have gotten the answer in DLive.

At launch, Tron was priced at $ 0.016, down 4.03% over the past 24 hours.

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