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Trevor Lawrence returns Clemson to national championship

Glendale, Arizona-When Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields set about throwing the ball, he saw Chris Olave-one of his few elite receivers – Charged to the goal post, Clemson safety guard Nolan Turner rear-ended, so he released the ball.

But just like the ball left Fields's hand, Olaf also retreated to the sideline, letting the ball fall into Turner's waiting arm, Turner held the ball and slid to the ground, fully understanding what followed: The second second consecutive victory in the national championship.

Clemson entered the previous three championship games, this time on a difficult road, defeating Ohio State 29-29 in the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday night. This victory puts the defending champion Tigers in New Orleans on Louisiana's No. 1 championship fight on January 13th, a game likely to stand out in any drama staged in the desert.

Clemson led by 16 points and trailed by 2 points, expanding the range of play in the last minute, with quarterback Trevor Lawrence as defender Travis Etienne ] Send a jumper, which sprinted and raced for 34 yards, scoring 1: 49 remaining. This was Etienne's third touchdown at night.

Field's last-minute interception was the last regret for the Buckeyes, but the only gain was still far away. They solved three of Clemson's offensive goals early on, and they set three offensive goals-Fields and J.K. Dobbins-faltering, and the lecturer punched punch after punch.

One spent the Buckeyes as their starting cornerback Shaun Wade, who was expelled from the target market, while the other took them one touchdown because of a touchdown in the fourth quarter Failure reports were erased during the review.

The tenor of the game turned Wade on.

With a 16-0 lead at Ohio State University at the end of the second quarter, Wade glittered, firing sacks for Lawrence. In the third and fifth quarters, Lawrence needed the coach's attention when supine on his back-the Tigers also looked supine.

However, when Lawrence became normal, the replay officer examined the play and ruled that Wade dropped his helmet and hit Lawrence's head with the helmet. The penalty was severe: 15 yards and Clemson and Wade's first low post were kicked out of the game.

Ohio State University coach Ryan Day was angry, reaching out to referee Ken Williamson, and he seemed to yell. Buckeye fans supported him with a hiss.

Clemson seized the greatest opportunity and approached the goal line when Etienne scored three and two from Lawrence and approached the goal line. Etienne detoured 8 yards for a touchdown and brought Clemson to 16: 7 with 2:45 left in the half.

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Clemson held three games and the final game ended with Dobbins spraining his left ankle. The Tigers returned the ball with 1:50 left before halftime 17 goals.

Lawrence hit Justin Rose 16 yards on the third and tenth shot, moving the ball to 33. After finishing the game, Lawrence bolted for 67 yards and scored a touchdown in a quarterback draw. Left-back John Simpson created a hole, and Lawrence overtook security guard Josh Proctor, blocking the obstacle from the receiver and galloping down the sideline.

Suddenly, a game that seemed to end at halftime was alive, and Clemson climbed between 16-14.

Clemson grabs the lead with more help from Buckeyes, using a rough penalty to drive 99 yards-Etienne swings from Lawrence After passing, they avoided the last three-fifths, dodging two guards and rushing into the finishing area.

They would also regret if the Buckeyes asked for a goal shot, a thick free throw and an injury to Dobbins [starting with the identification of three field goals within the 15-yard line].

Two of them did it because Dobbins couldn't hang a few passes-a circular pass, he made a hoarse sound when his foot left near the goal line, but flickered when he hit the ground. Another: a screen where he bypasses the 12-yard line along the blocker's convoy.

Nonetheless, Dobbins was responsible for the two long distance charge that the Buckeyes performed in front, one was a 68-yard touchdown and the other was a 64-yard field goal.

Day may be his first year as head coach, but his playing experience has made him a veteran. He is not afraid to keep his offense in fourth place, attack the arena where prudence may be required, or ask for a fake pan deep in his territory, as he did in the top ten championships.

The ball flew early on Saturday night and it was no different.

After the Buckeyes opened the field with an opening kick and led Blake Haubeir's 21-yard field goal with a 3-0 lead-Tian Ye completed passing to six different receivers-Dai began Give the ball to Dobbins.

The reason Dobbins was ignored was because the Buckeyes also had two other stars who were former Heisman Trophy finalists-Fields and defensive Chase Young. However, bowling back at the speed of a sprinter has always been the core of the Buckeye offense, running behind the brutal offensive line.

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