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Three months after its launch, "Disintegration" canceled multiplayer support

Video game developer V1 Interactive announced that it will remove multiplayer support from its FPS games, disintegration.

The developer announced the removal of this feature in the following ways: New posts about disintegration website. It plans to "in the next few months, from today (September 18) to remove the in-game store, phase out, and will end on November 17 and completely remove multiplayer games."

V1 Interactive explained the decision and said: "Although our player base has shown interest in single-player games, unfortunately, the game has been working hard to cultivate the importance of an attractive multiplayer experience. Audience." It added that the decision to end multiplayer support was only made after "weighing the options."

However, in terms of single player disintegration Will "continue to maintain playability". The game was launched on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 15, but was well received by critics and players, including a two-star review by Jason Coles NME.

Since the release, disintegrationV1 Interactive admits that its gameplay cannot attract audiences because it runs the risk of no reward in the end. V1 Interactive added: “We believe that the video game industry needs continuous innovation. We will continue to take risks, follow the innovative vision and support new ideas.”

In other multiplayer news, Activision is reported to have started working on the mobile port of the game call-of-duty The franchise’s battle royale, War zone. The news was first made public through the now "filled out" job listing on the Activision website.

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