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The release date of Far Cry: Remastered has been leaked before the game display on July 1 (updated)

[Embedded] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byOnAZqzaqw [/embed]

Update: According to Microsoft Store, "Crysis: Remastered Edition" will be released on July 23. The statement may have occurred during the game's release on July 1, but this is not the first time the Microsoft Store has announced this news.


Crysis Remastered was officially announced in April, confirming the leak [we think it’s April Fool’s Day] and promising to bring higher quality textures and new graphics features to the shooter, including “Cryengine’s native hardware and API-independent ray tracing "Solution" was once famous for bending the knee of the most powerful PC in existence. What we did not get at the time was the release date, because Crytek only allowed it to "coming soon."

And, sorry, we don’t have a release date yet. However, we do have a date for the first date of "Crysis" game date, which will be announced on July 1 at 9 a.m. EDT/12 p.m. EDT.

No more detailed information is provided on the YouTube list, only that the redo game will have "remade graphics optimized for the new generation of hardware", and the website currently insists on "coming soon." Crysis Twitter The account advises us to put it in hot hands as soon as possible, saying: "The wait is almost over."

"Crysis" was released in 2007 earlier than our website, but Meta-criticism He said that we rated it 98/100 in the 2007 holiday release, calling it "a miracle of innovation and technology that eclipses all other shooting works released this year." In my opinion, this seems a bit high, especially since 2007, we have also obtained "Stalker", "Bioshock" and "Modern Warfare", but it is definitely a lot of fun [at least in the aliens appearance Before], I really look forward to not just playing it again, but see if it will crush the PC as it was originally. I doubt it will, but I hope it will. [I miss it, "Yes, but will it run Crysis?".]

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