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The Google Stadia library is expanded with a series of Ubisoft games

Google Stadia is difficult to attract people. We saw it coming. The newcomers in the complete game console family have no exclusive products worth mentioning, powerful libraries and game streaming services that still need to prove themselves. Of these obstacles to overcome, the simplest and perhaps the most important is its game library. You would say a saying: "If you build it, they will come." I mean, this refers to homemade baseball diamonds, but if Google does this with Stadia, it will also work. As long as you have interesting games, people will play them.

There are some good games on Stadia, but you can find them on almost every other platform. Exclusive music does not seem to be Stadia's strengths, but if they can play games conveniently, then it may attract more audiences. This may be Google's goal, especially the Ubisoft game that recently announced that it will join the Stadia library. It was announced that games already available on other platforms will start playing on Stadia during the 2020 holiday season. The upcoming version will obviously be available near its release date.
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