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Ten years of bizarre and weird gaming news

Ten years of bizarre and weird gaming news

Patrick Diaz
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2020 is coming! The past decade has experienced some setbacks, such as the influx of a large amount of currency in the full game, the strong opposition of Blizzard's community, and the EA's two awards for the worst company in the United States. More mainstream companies to useful news such as player help Reserve controller Signed by someone's late mom.

The decade is also a highlight of … bizarre news, and I decided to collect some more obscure and quirky stories that will make you giggle or question what happened in this decade.

year 2010

Let's start in 2010; we have Red death salvation, Mass effect 2 with Super Mario Galaxy 2. All the games in all of us look back with a warm glow. But from a strange perspective, Sega released some unique hardware, Ubisoft scared people, and the judge gave up work because he had been playing games with people who were constantly sent to prison.

SEGA installation game urinal

SEGA tried an interesting concept in 2010 called "small toys". The urinal is equipped with a pressure sensor that monitors how much you urinate while playing a game. There are four games in total- Pee child, Grattifiti Eraser, North wind sun and me with fighting! Milk in the nose.

North wind sun and me For example, let the player lift the girl's skirt by monitoring the user's urine flow pressure.

Through: Accessories, Sega Retro

Armed forces call on Ubisoft PR campaign

Splinter Cell Conviction In my opinion, this is an excellent game with first-rate choreography, fighting and cooperation. But Monaco Corporation, the promoter of Ubisoft Games, made a weird PR mistake. In New Zealand, they hired people to walk around and point people at fake guns. People outside the bar jumped behind the table, and people inside could hear someone shouting "He has a gun." Obviously, this eventually led to people calling the police.

Monaco says their purpose is not to raise controversy to raise awareness, but this raises the question-what do they want to do?

Pass Crack, GamesIndustry.biz

Judge gives up gambling

A judge in Bristol, Virginia found himself in a dispute after publicly debating his match with a convicted felon. Both become very close, play Halo 3 And various PlayStation 3 games.

This may be a wise choice, out of conflict of interest and professionalism.

Pass Kosaku, Game politics

year 2011

Ah, in 2011, Sky Since its first launch, the UK has gone through a turbulent year outside the gaming industry, and we have released some great games, including Saints Third, Portal 2 with Unknown 3. It also made a crazy attempt at burglary on GameStop, and PETA made its own game while trying to swipe at Nintendo.

Someone breaks into GameStop

In Tennessee, someone decided to break into a store and then break into the GameStop store to snatch about $ 6,000 worth of goods. They were arrested within days and then charged with theft.

Piracy is less manual than before, but this person likes to keep the old stuff.

Pass Destruction class

PETA builds its own game

PETA is always angry about certain things, and they are not afraid to adopt strange campaign methods. Among other things, they launched a porn site and launched a Nintendo Super Mario 3D World Power on Tanooki Suit.

PETA said Nintendo supports the message that animal skins are acceptable. To solve this problem, PETA proposed Super Tanooki Skin Game 2D. The goal is to catch flying Mario while playing skinned raccoons. Something wholesome.

Pass Geek.com

Dark Souls Are Harder

FromSoftware Dark soul It was much more difficult. If you jump into the game before the game is released, you will find that the various areas of the game are filled with black phantoms, which are extremely powerful for early game areas.

Pass Destruction class


The year the world was about to end, the beloved Curiosity rover landed on Mars. Other benefits for us in 2012 Mass effect 3, It made me realize how disappointing the ending of the game was, and Special Operation: Frontline VitalityThis is one of the most underrated games in ten years.

Someone accidentally hacked into MiiVerse

By holding X on the exit button, Wii U (remember?) Users accidentally entered the console's debug menu by accident. It's worth noting that the menu shows something like Metal Gear Solid with Yoshi's Land. las Metal Gear Solid The game was launched on Wii U, but we never figured out why the placeholders were there as well.

Pass NeoGAF

Hyrule Historia surpasses fifty shades of gray

Hyrule Historia surpassed Amazon's "Fifty Shadows of the Grey Trilogy" for a short time in 2012. This more than 250-page book tells the timeline of The Legend of Zelda, including a wealth of game art and comics. To be fair, it was discounted to around $ 20 at the time, so it sold so well in a sense.

Pass VentureBeat

A French company supplies dildos for Diablo III

When Diablo III When starting for the first time, its starting point is very unstable, with error 37 pop-ups everywhere. After stabilizing the game, the game achieved commercial success, and knowing that the game's sales are so high has prompted the French sex toy company Absoloo to offer free sex toys to anyone worried about being excluded from the game. All you have to do is combine your photos and Diablo III To their social media accounts.

Pass Destruction class

year 2013

Microsoft and Sony usher in a new generation of games with the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Oh, OUYA has started. I actually own a personalized toy, but since 2013 it has been in a bag on the back of the cabinet.

Giant Xbox One releases Zombie Horde

Microsoft is making everything obsolete at this time. There is a huge tablet in London, a huge Windows phone in Manhattan, and a huge Xbox One in Vancouver. Obviously, if enough people "pledge" (put their Gamertags), the secret will be unlocked.

The secret turned out to be a zombie tribe, the idea was to promote the console exclusive Death rise 3.

Pass edge

North Korean production of video games invades South Korea

Those crazy in North Korea made many video game programs, and in 2013 South Korean police had to warn gamers to be extra careful as people were downloading them.

The idea was that North Korea could install malware on a computer, steal critical information, and then launch a cyber attack.

Pass Arirang

The disappearance of esports players makes them unaffordable

Quantic Gaming (not to be confused with developer Quantic Dream) is a dead esports team. But the way the team died was a bit tragic. The team started a bit promisingly, but suddenly their palm pearl disappeared.

There were several rumors at the time-some rumors that he was seriously ill, some rumors that he was at a party, and others that he had participated in a running race, but no matter what reason he left his teammate without pay, this Can be guaranteed. One of his teammates was owed $ 23,000.

Point gaming Published an in-depth article on this strange disappearance.

Year 2014

In particular, Ubisoft experienced a turbulent year in 2014, releasing Far Cry 4 with watch dogsBut also incredible Assassin's Creed: The Revolution And totally forgotten crew.

People bump their heads …

Tamesoft and D3 showcase Onechanbara Z2 At the Tokyo Game Show. If you're unfamiliar with the series, it basically consists of players dressed in killing zombies dressed as bikini warriors. So, what better way to show the game and let the player stick his head to the character's chest?

Pass Destruction class

Neca Made Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet

Neca, the maker of awesome action figures and replicas, turned his attention to more practical devices in 2014, releasing the Master Chief motorcycle helmet.

It's based on the Mjolnir Mark VI, and you can still buy them on eBay for around £ 400.

Pass GameInformer

Nintendo releases white PS4

The Los Angeles Times tried to cover some game news in 2014, and when the mainstream media reported the game, they didn't accurately report themselves in glory. They wrote about Nintendo's white PlayStation 4 launch as part of a special show fate bundle.

Maybe not as crazy as the rest of this article, but still a bit interesting.

Pass Promotion field

2015 year

Life is strange, Super Mario Makerwith The Witcher III. 2015 was a bumper year. Microsoft took a weird approach to Hong Kong, the press had to give up their shoes to participate in the trailer, and the slamming suddenly became a thing.

Xbox One Hamburger

China is still a relatively new battlefield for Western gaming companies. In 2015, Microsoft took a strange approach to the market. They teamed up with Triple-O to sell hamburgers in Hong Kong. Pop-up restaurants are full of nasty bright green Xbox brands.

helical gear Describe the burger as a "completely normal" tasting. thumbs up.

Reporter buys shoes for press conference

Unfortunately, I usually don't have enough important positions to be invited to major news events, but this can be a good thing in certain situations. Invite journalists to try Life is strange Had to abandon shoes to try the game.

why? Because Square Enix uses AirBnB to host the event, and the owner of the property does want to enforce the rule.

Destruction Steven Hansen managed to choose his socks as the entire article.

Flapping becomes a thing

Swat is now well known, but before 2015, it was actually unheard of. In Wichita, a town council meeting suddenly changed from a bland drive to a scared parent, discussing their concerns about swooping after becoming a victim.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, "battering" is a "prank" where people (usually competitors in online games) call you and say you are or may be subjected to violence. In the United States, this has led to swarms of SWAT and frightened you and your family.

Pass wired

2016 year

It's time to lighten the burden! 2016 is Pokemon, That means there are hundreds of weird stories to choose from. I'm trying to find some unique stories about this work that have never been heard before.

Many people lie to become the first!

United Kingdom Pokemon go The player claims to have completed Pokedex in a video uploaded to YouTube more than anyone else in the world. But the audience quickly discovered something-he had a region-exclusive Pokémon. This was about 1 month before the special event. He claims to have hatched the area from an egg.

In the end, a game developer confirmed to the Serbs that you can't hatch the area's Pokémon with eggs, and have to travel to the area to catch a Pokémon. Despite this, users still pop up UK Regional News. This story is particularly strange, it happened More than once.

Pass Serbia

Spectre and poisonous gas of the Holocaust Museum

Koffing, Pokemon with a vomiting gas and a few Pokemon Pokemon go Holocaust Museum in Washington. Museum representatives are forced to ask participants not to play Pokemon go Out of respect. Niantic will then continue to remove the museum as a spawning hotspot and remove features from that location.

Pass GameInformer

Westboro Pokemon Protest

The Westboro Baptist Church, known for bastards protesting family funerals, is Pokemon go Player. The church became a stadium, so the players naturally took over it. Naturally, they only used pink Pokémon "love is love" as a mild form of counter-protest.

Pass GottaBeMobile

2017 year

President Trump ’s first year is also the year we started seeing familiar IPs return, such as Prey, halo war, galactic warrior, with Neil.

There is a wizard musical

That wizard A total of 51 performers participated in the musical, which lasted more than three hours. Sounds weird and weird on paper, That wizard Musicals are totally serious things.

You can make a promotional video look down.

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Z9UNDIy3o (/ embed)

Pass PC gamer

KFC makes VR Chicken

KFC is no stranger to releasing weird software-this year alone, we got a KFC dating simulation card called I love you, Colonel Sanders. However, this VR game takes things to another level. In it, employees are shown how to create the company's famous chicken in the VR world, and users can only escape the room after they have properly prepared the room.

However, rest assured that Colonel Sanders will lead employees through the work.

Pass Eater

U.S. Navy saves about $ 40,000 with Xbox Pad

The U.S. Navy dropped the Lockhead Martin joystick, which cost about $ 38,000, in 2017 in favor of an Xbox 360 controller. Senior Chief Mark Eichinglaub:

"(Lockheed Martin) The joystick is by no means cheap, it can only be mounted on a Virginia-class submarine. I can go to any video game store and buy an Xbox controller anywhere in the world, so it's perfect for easy replacement."

Pass Destruction class

2018 year

Year of over-promotion of the game, including Way out, We happy people, Fallout 76, Sea of ​​Thieves, with pain, None of these met expectations.

Snoop Dog gets Dragon's game delivery

Snoop Dogg is excited Spyro reignites trilogy Obviously for Activision, this offers a great opportunity for some marketing. So what did they do? They apparently used the Spyro drone, which put a copy of the game on his lawn. Snoop is a good dog, posting it on Twitter for everyone to enjoy.

The game is messy!

The World Health Organization identifies it by adding a gaming disorder to their disease list. What are game obstacles? This basically means you play too many games.

To be diagnosed with a gaming disorder, patients must prioritize gaming over important things, such as socializing and working for at least 12 months. So think back to when you were a teenager Diablo II, Rune landscape Either World of Warcraft Non-stop. Ah, good times.

Pass Who

Luigi's penis size

In March, Nintendo released a rendering of "Luigi" Mario Tennis Ace. In it, he had a noticeable bump. It is therefore clear that, as the ultimate Internet, the Internet ultimately diverges due to its inappropriateness or entertainment.

Tumblr also did some detective work and calculated in some way that Luigi's loose penis was about four inches long. Glad to know.

Pass VG247


We have arrived! In 2019, the decade ends. Bungie leaves Activision, people debate whether Death stranded It was the best or worst thing since slicing, and Kaz Hirai and Reggie Fils-Aime both retired from their respective companies.

36 Isabel Amebose

A man bought his wife 36 Isabelle Amiibos for Christmas. why? Because she hates Isabel. In addition, they each cost only $ 1. He put a festive hat on each hat and gave them a note paper and wished her a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in the letter.

His wife, Vera, hates Isabelle because she is a "useless receptionist" and is therefore her least favorite Protect the animals character.

Radiation was first used as a protest

Fallout 76 It was hit hard during and after the launch. What did Bethesda do to calm this anger? They announced an optional paid subscription service called Fallout First. Subscribers can use private servers, special icons, exclusive emoticons and more.

Unfortunately for Bethesda, they forgot to preempt the Fallout First domain name, so the angry fan protested first, even though the fan did not maintain control of it for a long time.

Pass PC gamer

Russia believes metal gears should be blamed

What is the comment of the Russian Deputy Minister of Defense? Metal Gear Series, this is probably the weirdest quote you have read about Japanese games:

"On the Internet, U.S. special service programs, such as … Metal Gear and RuNet Echo, are being implemented to directly manipulate public awareness, especially young people.

He also said that the series was designed to encourage youth protests and dissatisfaction with Russia.

Pass polygraph

That's just the highlight of more unique stories in this decade-where they come from, but I don't want this article to be popular. No one knows what the next ten years will bring, but I think it's safe to say that it will not lack bizarre gaming news stories.

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