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Square Enix announces PS5 exclusive "Final Fantasy XVI"

Square Enix dropped a surprising reveal Final Fantasy XVI, And a lengthy announcement trailer.

Final Fantasy XVI It will be dedicated to the PS5 host, however, no confirmed date or year has been set. The game will also become the first main line Final fantasy Since 2006, the game will be exclusively available to the PlayStation console Final Fantasy XII.

The accompanying announcement trailer is called "Awakening", which is a hybrid of real-time combat and cutscenes, running on a PC that simulates PS5 hardware. The setting seems to evoke medieval themes, including large-scale battles, vibrant landscapes and fast-paced battles.

Watch the full trailer below:

(Embedded) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr6PtdY0i7M(/embed)

For more details about the game, see PlayStation Blog. Director Takai Hiroshi Final Fantasy XVI Arrived at PS5. "From establishing a new development environment to learning the ins and outs of PlayStation 5, in the process of bringing you Chapter 16, my team and I have experienced countless challenges. Final fantasy Franchise. "Takai said.

"Although we are devoted to this project every day, it will still take a while to deliver it to you. However, I promise it is worth the wait!" The game producer Yoshida Naoki also said, "The next big information disclosure plan To be carried out in 2021."

Many other announcements were made during the PS5 showcase today, including Harry Potter Open world adventure Hogwarts Legacy. The price and release date of the console have finally been announced, and there are many first-party titles, such as Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales with Demon Soul.

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