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Sorry, Conte, Kanter can’t get through: Chelsea’s only truly world-class player is returning to his best form

The Blues midfielder last season was the toughest year of his Premier League career, but he once again returned to dominate English football

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard has reaped the rewards of maintaining integrity with N'Golo Kante, who proved his recovery after winning Newcastle United 2-0 on Saturday Your best condition.

This is the fifth consecutive win for the Blues in all competitions, which means they are now unbeaten in nine games. Kante's new position has always been part of Chelsea's outstanding performance.

The 29-year-old overcame a series of injury problems that caused him to miss nearly 50% of last season's games.

Therefore, this series of uninterrupted games combined with changes in location allowed Kante to reproduce the way of showing influence, as seen by former manager Antonio Conte, who broke up with Chelsea in 2018 .

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Lampard said of Kanter's physical condition: "We have gone through a period of injury-free, and he has reached a place where we are truly satisfied."

"We will check his training and his travel distance, because every time we allow him to get out of the constraints of training, he will do a lot of work because of his style of play.

"Therefore, we are very aware of this and very careful with him. As a result, we are in a good situation with him, so we hope to continue."

Of course, Conte, the former boss of the Blues, has repeatedly met with the current Inter Milan club's Kanter. However, Chelsea may stop all efforts at every turn.

Even if transfer rumors persisted, Lampard still ignored them, and he added his trust in the only truly world-class player to the quiet leader in the armband of the captain of St. James' Park.

He added: "I have great confidence in him and his being a top midfielder. It doesn't just mean breaking up the game and winning the ball, although we know that he is of high quality.

"This is also related to his passing and his support performance in the midfield. Switching to a deeper role is a very comfortable transition for him, so we are really, very satisfied with him."

As we saw in St. James’s Park, Kante’s presence allows others to play their own games.

Chelsea, who had a complete advantage, opened the goal in just 10 minutes due to Federico Fernandez’s own goal, after which Tammy Abraham was beaten by Timo Werner in the second half. (Timo Werner) The game was finally killed after defeat.

The German's sudden breakthrough was undoubtedly the highlight of the otherwise dull game, but Kanter produced an equally important moment.

It was the Frenchman’s outstretched leg that rejected Allan Saint-Maximin (Allan Saint-Maximin) who seemed to be a goal in the first half, because after Kante tracked him from the depths, he made a The sensational penalty zone rejected the winger.

During the international competition, all 14 players represented their respective countries in the competition. The competition was a bit flat, which is obviously not surprising. Several participants were obviously tired.

Then, Kante's energy stood out. He put out a potential counterattack from Newcastle time and time again, thus stifling any hope of Steve Bruce's subordinates to turn the situation around.

The 11.37 km distance Kanter reported on Saturday afternoon shows that he has indeed recovered from a physically painful 2019-20 season.


Indeed, in addition to covering every piece of turf, he also made four tackles, two passes, three interceptions, and a total of five possessions.

It is worth noting that Kanter has more interceptions (27) than any other player in the Premier League this season.

In a team with a new contract valued at 220 million pounds (US$275 million), it is easy to take Kante as a matter of course, especially because his role is becoming more conservative and low-key.

However, the World Cup champion added a key element of balance to the 4-3-3 formation that Lampard stumbled upon when he was seeking to increase defensive power to increase the offensive threat.

Kanter sat deep in midfield, between two eights, they were allowed to advance and support a star-studded top three.

As the defender overlaps every opportunity, Kanter is often the deepest player outside of Chelsea's central defender, so he has been the key to Chelsea's seven clean goals in the last nine games.

After winning at Newcastle on Saturday, Chelsea are now earning nine points more than the corresponding game last season.

At the time of writing, they also scored more goals (22) than anyone else in the Premier League, so it's easy to understand why they are now facing a championship battle.

Of course, as long as Kante fits perfectly, anything is possible-and restore his glory.

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