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Sony confirms the price of new PS5 games, but not much reading

After cleverly revealing the retail price of the next-generation game, Sony set the price of the remastered version of "Devil's Soul" at £69.99.

"Destroy All-Stars" and Marvel's "Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate" are also available for £69.99, indicating that this may be the new normal, not the exception. Considering that in the PS4 era, games usually retail for between £50 and £60, this is a big leap.

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Fortunately, not all PS5 games are listed for £69.99. Sackboy a Big Adventure costs £59.99, while the standard version of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is only £51.99. However, the latter is reported to be much shorter than the previous "Spiderman" game, and is the same as "Lost Legacy". With this in mind, its current price is still quite expensive.

However, please keep in mind that this may be the price list of the official PlayStation online store. It has not been determined whether third-party retailers such as Amazon and Game will be charged for physical copies of games at similar prices. Even so, it is still a serious reading for those who are considering buying a digital-only PS5 model.

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We also don’t know the prices of third-party games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War and Cyberpunk. Their prices are likely to be similar to those of Sony’s first-party games, but third-party publishers always have the opportunity to set more competitive prices because they can also be used on other platforms such as Xbox X.

We may soon discover a new price structure. It is confirmed that PS5 pre-orders will open tomorrow, so we are likely to see a list of games to be released later. We hope that the physical version will be at least 10 pounds cheaper, but new next-generation features [such as native 4K performance and ray tracing support] are likely to increase the price.

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