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Slow download speed on PS4 due to COVID-19

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PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan warned that PS4 downloads in Europe could be "slightly slower or delayed". The news comes as Sony tries to manage its Internet usage, while much of Europe is still “locked in”.

Ryan emphasized in the statement the importance of ensuring that everyone can still access the Internet. This means more than just those who want to download the latest games to see them in an unprecedented quarantine. Ryan did add that online multiplayer games should remain "robust." Having said that, it is likely that the validity of the statement will be tested in the coming weeks.

Statement from Jim Ryan

If you want to read Full statement, You can do it here:

Playing video games allows players around the world to connect with friends and family and enjoy much-needed entertainment during these uncertain times. Sony Interactive Entertainment is working with Internet service providers in Europe to manage download traffic to help retain access to the entire Internet community.

We believe that in order to solve the problem of the stability of the Internet, we must do our part because more and more people are being isolated from society and relying more and more on Internet access.

Players may experience slower or delayed game downloads, but still enjoy a strong gaming experience. We thank our community for their support and understanding, as well as their contributions, as we take these steps to maintain access for everyone.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of SIE

Slower stream

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube have announced plans to reduce the quality of their platforms to use less data. However, this is the first such announcement of any video game platform.

As early as last week, the European Union has warned citizens to pay attention to broadband pressure as thousands of people turn to telework, video conferencing and video streaming at night. Online games use hardly as much data as streaming video, so people expect it to remain "robust." However, as suggested by Ryan, the size of certain game download files can be very large. In fact, recently released Call of Duty: War Zone Players have been seen downloading a lot of 100GB files.

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