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Setian said that Barcelona allowed five substitutions per game will hurt him

Blaugrana's head coach believes that temporary rule changes will reduce the team's fitness advantage

Barcelona coach Quique Setien claimed that his team will be hurt by the new rules, which allows 5 replacements per game instead of 3 replacements.

La Liga has been suspended due to a coronavirus pandemic since March, but he is looking forward to the return of the derby between Seville and Real Betis on June 11.

Since the team has been absent for several months and hopes to participate in the busy game in the summer, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) allows rules changes early this month, which increases the number of teams that can do before the end of the 2019-20 season The replacement quantity.

Setien believes that the rule change will be detrimental to Barca, because he believes that the opponent's health will increase the opponent later in the game, thereby making the opponent more.

Setien told the Las Palmas International Rugby Union on YouTube: "I think it will do more harm than good."

"Many games are resolved in the last few minutes. With this change, opponents will be able to have more new players at this stage of the game, and at this stage, we tend to take advantage of this fatigue."

Setien admits that long-term layoffs are difficult for his side because he cannot study movies together.

Setien said: "We work very hard. We think we have more time for group training." "One thing we can't do is to enter the video room together and review important tactical concepts.

"Not playing games for a long time is a motivation in itself. This situation allows players to rest mentally and relieve stress."

Barcelona are currently two points ahead of their opponent Real Madrid at the La Liga table.

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If the Catalans win the Spanish title for the third time in a row, their amulet Lionel Messi will be the main reason, and the Argentine star has scored 19 in 22 games so far League goals.

Setien said that seeing him retrain at the age of 32 is particularly beneficial to him because his team is preparing for their return to the arena.

Setian said: "It's great to see him train every day." "I really like it and I am very proud of it."

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