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PS4 wins a decade of gaming consoles

When PlayStation 4 was launched in November 2013 with support from Sony's worst-ever console generation ever [PlayStation 3 was firmly defeated by Microsoft Xbox 360], few would predict that the gaming platform would continue to dominate the next seven Every year because it has been done.

Currently, in 2020, PlayStation 4 has Sales are double that of the Xbox OneThis is an astonishing achievement for a Japanese game console manufacturer. This is due to many factors, but first of all, PS4 only focuses on one thing: PS4 games, PS4 games and more PS4 games.

The gaming ecosystem on PlayStation 4 is not only deep but incredibly extensive, it includes Marvel's amazing exclusive products such as Spider-Man, God of War, and Horizon: Zero Dawn, and adds explosive third parties Games, indie games and unique VR experiences. And, although the Xbox One has some high-quality exclusive products, Overall, the Xbox One X is better hardware. It can't be compared to the gaming experience and it can't take advantage of the value provided by PlayStation 4.

The mid-generation updated version of PS4 [PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro followed closely] also got regular and good handling, and injected more life into the system when it was most needed. Not only that, but especially in its original version, the beautifully mature and understated design makes it Sony's second best-selling console. once And won the "ten years gong" future technology award console champion.

There are more than 100 winners in total Future Technology Award, And Google is one of the biggest winners of the five awards. With more than 200,000 votes, readers of Future Publishing tech sites, including T3, TechRadar, and Tom & # 39; s Guide, chose Pixelbook Go as the best Chromebook of 2019. In the smart home, Google Assistant was named the best smart assistant, Nest Mini was named the best smart speaker, and Nest Hub Max was named the best smart display.

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