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PS4 tools show all your game statistics for 2019


A way for its players to review their PS4 stats since 2019. PlayStation BlogSony announced the summary of PlayStation 2019, which shows statistics including the number of games played, the time spent on the first three games, etc. Eligible if you have a valid PSN account and played at least 10 hours on PS4 last year View your stats on the PlayStation website.

In addition to hour-based statistics, players can also see how many trophies they have won last year and how many days they have logged in a year.

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The data also shows your most popular game genres in 2019. At the same time, PlayStation offers free dynamic themes and seven avatars for all players to match the most popular video game types, including action-based adventure games, sports games, warriors and more.

After reviewing 2019, PlayStation fans can start looking forward to this year. It is expected to pass PlayStation 5 and next generation PS4 games such as The Last of Us Part II and Final Fantasy VII, postponed from March to April.

In other Sony news, the company recently announced PlayStation skips E3 for second year in a row. Check out these while waiting for more PS5 news PS5 concepts built into Dreams.

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