Playdate is starting its developer preview.

Playdate, a mini game console with a handle.

If you have n’t realized yet, Panic Inc. Creating a new handheld console. Crank on the side!

The developer behind the indie hit song, Fire alarm with Untitled Goose Game Revealed to them their PDA Very excited Last summer.

Play date update

Fast forward to the end of December, Update Interesting mini progress.

In the above update, Play date Developers confirmed that they are still on track to release a version in 2020. Play date Will be delivered to select developers to ensure that too much content is available at launch. After conducting these previews, pre-orders will be open to the public.

Pass Panic Disorder I acknowledge that developers are right Play date Always great. A large number of creators want the mini version to be "lifted". Despite taking additional steps, development is still on a track of relative progress, mainly because the hardware is actually ready.

Continuous content

When release Later this year, the plan is to have a "seasonal" content. This season will include 12 new video games released in 12 weeks. One is delivered every week, sent directly to the console, and a little light is emitted on the machine to signal it.

There are already some very talented designers creating content for Playdate. Even just one name is enough to excite people Keita Takahashi – Absolutely crazy creator Catamaridamasi.

So there is news that they are expanding the reach of creators, which is a good thing. in case panicReputation and updates are everywhere, and when Playdate finally hits the market, there will be some truly special games available.

Keep in touch with us for more updates Play date When we get them.

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