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Nordic Games Conference: "We are creating a window for Nordic developers to show themselves to the world" | Milestones

This month, we will delve into the Skåne region of Sweden, including Malmö. You can read our in-depth introduction to the area here.

Thanks to the annual Nordic Game Conference, the region has become well-known in many industries throughout Europe (and other regions). This activity has been going on for about 16 years. This is one of the largest gaming industry conferences in Europe, attracting more than 2,000 visitors every year, and is widely regarded as one of the friendliest and most popular conferences.

Paradox's Lars Håhus explained the advantages of local studios: "This is indeed the moment when Malmö can show his best. Having a studio in the area allows us to work more closely with the Nordic Game team every year.

"If we have something interesting to share, we are happy to let Paradoxians take the stage to talk about our latest insights. The paradox is that publishers, we are not actively looking for investors, but our business developers every year We are looking for talent and business opportunities. Our presence in the region means that the relationships established at meetings will be easier to maintain throughout the year."

Andreas Johnsson of Tarsier agreed: "For us, this is a major event that takes place every year, and many employees are involved. In addition to all the wonderful speeches, the company's ability to meet with us in our communities and offices has brought us closer together. Hosting the Nordic Games Conference at our doorstep is indeed a luxury that we must not take for granted, and surprisingly, it has developed so fast over the years."

Game Habitat’s Eliana Oikawa told us: “During NGC, we took tourists to visit many studios such as King, Massive, Tarsier, Avalanche, DevHub, etc. In other activities, other organizations also gathered together and expanded it to the entire city. . And game education like "Game Assembly" can give a glimpse of the diversity of talents and successes that can be found here."

Right: Jacob Riis,
Nordic Games Conference

We also contacted Jacob Riis, the organizer of the Nordic Games Conference, for more information.

How did the meeting start and why Malmö?

The Nordic Games Conference is part of the Nordic Games Program, which is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and aims to create a Nordic game industry with game developers from Nordic countries. The current CEO of Nordic Games, Erik Robertson, was appointed to lead the plan. As part of this work, he decided to use his hometown of Malmö as an annual gathering place, with the goal of providing the Nordic developer community A meeting, discussion and exchange. This city is very suitable for this-not the parliament building, but very close to the main airport (Copenhagen), so it has become a "neutral" meeting place for Nordic people. After the NGP is over, we take this opportunity to continue the conference. At that time, in 2012, the conference had become a well-known event on the global calendar, so it was logical to continue the conference in Malmö.

Why should developers find their business here today?

For most of the reasons I have described above, perhaps I should add that there is a good sense of community among Malmö’s studios today. The established studios are willing to share knowledge and experience with startups, which makes it quick to "at home It feels “getting pretty easy.” In addition, Malmö is a small town, so you will never feel lonely or lost. From Copenhagen, we often describe Malmö as an “urban village” with friendly people And intimate atmosphere.

Apart from the pandemic, how has the conference changed and developed over the years?

We started with Nordic Game becoming a meeting place for Nordic studios, so we had 150 people participating in the first game in 2004-5. Since then, we have been working hard and are very focused on maintaining the atmosphere of annual gatherings and comfortable gatherings, while developing the show into a global event for anyone engaged in gaming. Therefore, sometimes I will describe the way we create windows-Nordic developers present themselves to the world and the unique way for global industry to gain access to the entire Nordic industry. Therefore, before contracting the virus, we have surpassed the magic number of participants in 2000 and hope to further expand. After the virus, we played the first ever online Nordic game in May, with 1,300 people participating, and now we are developing NG20+. This is our first attempt to mix online elements with physical elements.

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