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Nicky-Alone Golf Review

Nicky-Alone Golf Review

Welcome to our review of "Nicky-Golf at Home Alone" A simple game with simple premise and even simpler price, Nicky – Home Alone Golf is a game with a difference.

  • Nicky – Golf at Home Alone
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC, Android
  • Review date: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: MinimalLab
  • Publisher: QUByte Interactive
  • Multiplayer: None
  • Available: January 7, 2020
  • Price: £ 0.89 [UK], $ 0.99 [US]
  • Age Rating: PEGI 7 [UK], E [US]
  • Provided review code

As a game for under £ 1.00, Nicky – Home Alone Golf is a well-budgeted game that shines in the voice games such as nasty computers and the fact that some games are just a long-term game The idea here is to minimize the number of clicks from one end to the other.

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You will find yourself starting in a house where you have to cross all obstacles, from books to ceiling fans, to guide Nicky forward until it reaches the huge outdoors, the real challenge begins as you find yourself flying by car, smashing Rotten through pigeons and through bad dogs and many other things. Most importantly, it's all done by letting Nicky fly through the air like a normal golf ball, and there is nothing but arrows to help you swing and hit as accurately as possible. The more you get, the harder it gets.

The gameplay sounds simple on paper, but when you consider that your clicks are displayed at the bottom of the screen and rank among the top ten players worldwide, the top ten players reduce Nicky's clickthrough rate to Lowest, it can be difficult to master. Sitting in the top corner. This leaderboard makes the game a challenge, especially if you like leaderboards and beat high scores, and have the potential to return players to this already short game.

At the beginning of each round, you can customize Nicky with some accessories such as hats and glasses. Unfortunately, everything was unlocked from the beginning, which meant that there wasn't much motivation to go back and do anything other than the above leaderboards.

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For a game that costs less than a large package of Haribos, Nicky – Home Alone Golf is a good game, perfect for those moments when it is not possible to play the game fully.

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