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News: Snakebyte announces new gaming chair

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Snakebyte's new GAMING: CHAIR EVO™ promises to provide maximum seat comfort even during the longest gaming session. With new design features, it is an ideal chair for game rooms.

In these three stylish new designs, the best sitting posture on the front of the PC is ensured. At the same time, the extra-wide wings on the side support the shoulders, and the special cushion stabilizes the lower back. Another cushion on the neck ensures a straight sitting posture and maintains a comfortable feeling during long exercises.

The new GAMING: CHAIR EVO™ has a backrest adjustment angle of up to 170°, which can be individually set according to your needs. The upholstered armrest with the reclining backrest increases the comfort of the seat. In order to combat game fatigue, GAMING: CHAIR EVO™ has a swing function of up to 20°, a seat surface of 50×50 cm, and a maximum load of 139kg.

GAMING: CHAIR EVO™ is certified by the BIFMA safety and sustainability standards and comes with a 24-month warranty.

Through three different designs, snakebyte's gaming seats are made of high-quality vegan leather, available in blue, green or black invisible versions with white contrasting seams.

The retail price of each chair is £159.99.

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