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Microsoft will broadcast DirectX Developer Day via Mixer on March 19

Microsoft Announced today It will host a Web-based DirectX Developer Day with partners from AMD and Nvidia on March 19. The event will be broadcast live via DirectX Mixer.

DirectX Developer Day will feature Microsoft's graphics engineering team, who will answer questions in real time in a live stream. The announcement of the only event online came after the software giant recently said it would no longer attend this year's Game Developers Conference due to a corona virus problem. Microsoft says:

"GDC may have been postponed, but we will not prevent us from bringing the next generation of graphics innovation to the world … The Microsoft DirectX team and partners from AMD and NVIDIA will conduct a series of presentations on how we can bring gaming graphics to the future. Exciting new features showing unprecedented demos and talks that delve into PIX and shader compilers. "

The event will begin at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. This is part of a series of online events planned this week, focusing on new Microsoft gaming technologies, new features and demos for developers, and more. Starting these events is Game Stack Live, starting today and continuing to tomorrow. The event can be broadcast live via Game Stack's Mixer Channel. The event will highlight the latest cloud and game development technologies, including panel discussions led by industry leaders, and more.

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