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Key points of conversation: What PS5 games are you expecting at Sony ’s next-generation display event?

PS5 reveals event game PlayStation 5 1

We still do n’t know when Sony will release the PlayStation 5, but all road signs currently point to the timetable in early June. Contrary to a typical PlayStation Meeting stage performance, the coronavirus means that it will be forced to show its hand in a Play-style status broadcast. This means that it will have the opportunity to curate playlists for trailers and game demos to select the next generation of games, and there is also growing debate about what it may contain.

We do n’t think that all the content listed in this article will be finalized, but there is speculation that there will be a “large amount” of software to choose from-although it sounds like some publishers may prefer to open the title in their live broadcast. Then, we included multiple third-party titles in this article, but only the titles that we think the Japanese giant may have acquired its sales rights. For example, the reason why Assassin's Creed Valhalla does not appear is because it is bundled with Xbox Series X.

We can at least be sure that there will be some first-party games as part of the presentation. Demon ’s Souls Remake sounds the most certain thing, and developer Bluepoint has confirmed that it is developing “large games” for the next generation of consoles. For many years, people have thought that the project is a replica of FromSoftware's legendary action RPG. Although there is indeed no evidence to support it, it is certain that its work will be unveiled together with PS5.

PS5 reveals event game PlayStation 5 2

Ratchet & Clank is another rumor that has been rumored for many years. It is said that the game has been developed for PlayStation 4 for a while, but since it has never been officially released, it is safe to assume that it has switched to PS5. With the arrival of the release title, it is difficult to imagine a more perfect series than platform games, because it has iconic characters and is a good choice for "all ages". If it is really under development, it will be there.

However, other potential first-party titles are uncertain. We are almost certain that "God of War 2" and "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" are in development, but Sony may want to sit on them until they are close to release. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 [Horizon Zero Dawn 2] seems to be the most likely sequel to announce that the guerrilla game company's famous technical guide is able to combine real next-generation exhibits. Aloy's bow and arrow will be the perfect display of the DualSense controller, and its open world will definitely test the SSD of the system. We suspect this will be a startup game, but we will spend money to release it soon.

PS5 reveals event game PlayStation 5 3

Gran Turismo 7 seems to be another certainty, especially after its alleged logo leak. Polyphony Digital has been slowly turning to the service model, which will help the series of games to provide usable games early in the PS5 service life, so it can be updated from generation to generation. It ’s not hard to imagine that the updated version of Gran Turismo Sport will bring advertising campaigns and other improvements; seeing the title already looks incredible on PS4, this will also be an excellent benchmark for PS5 hardware.

Other first-party projects that we have realized include potential sequels to The Playroom-we know that the Asobi team is already experimenting with DualSense controllers-and some first-person shooter games, which are believed to be produced at Guerrilla Games. Sony has stated that it hopes to do better in multiplayer games. Then there is the new "Uncharted" game, which is said to be used in the production of the new Sony San Diego team-this may be a huge addition to the PS5 product portfolio.

Finally, Silent Hill. Although we haven't seen any evidence of its existence, online scuttlebutt can actually confirm its existence. The report shows that the game will be developed in Japan Studio before its release in 2021, and most of the original game's development team will retake the role. If it is true, despite the leak, it is still a potential million-ton level-and may have a two-hit effect when the announcement of "Resident Evil 8", the game is likely to be PS5 marketing.

PS5 reveals event game PlayStation 5 4

But what else? Well, there are a lot of obvious third-party games here: "FIFA 21" is a huge franchise that Sony wants to associate with the PS5, so please do n’t rule out the short trailer. "Call of Duty: Black Ops" cold war also seems inevitable, because PlayStation continues to have the right to marketing series. Moreover, "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla" uses the PS5 brand, so it is likely to be promoted through the PS5 brand.

So, what does that leave us with? The most exciting game: Unknown game. We can be sure that Warner Bros. Montreal [Warner Bros Montreal] will have a new Batman title, and Sony has been working hard in this series in the past. What about Rocksteady? The British team has been silent for a long time and must be ready to reveal something. In fact, it is rumored that Warner Bros. has a lot of exciting software, including: Harry Potter RPG and Killer 3. Ultimately, it can decide to announce these terms in its own way.

Crash Bandicoot is still closely related to PlayStation, and there are rumors that there is a new game name in the series-if it appears in any other place, it feels wrong. In which Japanese games has Sony established its own brand? Project Awakening has aroused enthusiasm on the Internet, and the Yakuza series has reached a new level of enthusiasm in recent years. The console market may be shrinking in the manufacturer ’s home market, but it still hopes to play a role in helping listeners build their own brands. Monster hunter, maybe?

Of course, if the platform owner displays each of all the titles we have listed here, then this will be a live broadcast for all ages. It won't own all of these games-it may not even own half. But some of them will undoubtedly improve the results and undoubtedly bring a lot of surprises. If this article makes you dissatisfied with the PS5 release, then we will be at a loss. We [hopefully] are less than a month away from the blowout. Exciting moment.

Which PS5 games do you think Sony will show at its next-generation display event? Do we list what you think is a lock here? Realize your dreams in the comments section below.

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