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iSoftBet renews its management staff with a view to 2021

Leading mobile and mobile service provider Online casino Games software, ISoftStone As part of the expansion plan for 2021, new members have been added to its management team. This includes appointing marketing management and human resources after hiring product management CTOs and CTOs.

Microsoft and Vodafone former marketing and communications executive Virginie Luce joined iSoftBet as CMO. And Anne Muscat Scerri, who is the head of Betsson HR's business partners, will occupy the direction of human resources.

From the beginning of this year, the company began to reorganize its management team. The first is the appointment of Andrew Bonnici [Andrew Bonnici] to the CPO position, which is held by Betsson's director of data science and BI.

Then in June, it appointed technology transformation expert Neal Garman [previously at Helios Towers and MoneySuperMarket] as the company's CTO.

The company's success this year is obvious, and the addition of new companies also points to a more ambitious plan. These are some of the company's achievements in recent years:

• A portfolio of more than 300 operators and more than 1,000 branded websites.

• 18 new game releases, including 6 Megaways™ games.

• More than 90 personalized board games as customized products.

• Certification in 18 regulated markets, including the latest certification in the Colombian market.

• 60 integrated game partners provide more than 4,000 games, all of which are available through its advanced GAP aggregation platform.

•Expand business in five regions, with more than 300 employees.

Nir Elbaz, CEO of iSoftBet, added: “Our new employees and our recruitment strategy testify to iSoftBet’s commitment to the iGaming industry, which is to provide innovative and engaging products and services that not only serve our partners, but also It also provides entertainment for consumers."

He added:

"We can only achieve this goal by having the best talent in the entire organization, and the talent we have received in recent months has made me happy. This will further strengthen our business and enable us to achieve greater success in 2021. achievement."

As a premium provider of online and mobile casino software and games, iSoftBet stands out in the industry. Its products represent several of the largest and most successful brands in the world. It has a title library that provides the best performance and is at the forefront of innovation.

ISoftBet's tailor-made solutions are designed to meet all the needs of customers worldwide. The brand's catalog has a series of patented high-end video slots.

It also offers board games and exclusive branded games from some of the world's largest TV and film production studios, including 24 and supernatural events. Each game is made using the latest technology and software compatible with any mobile device and HTML5 desktop computer.

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