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iGaming News | More and more New Zealanders turn to igaming

According to a new study in New Zealand, more and more New Zealanders are turning to online platforms.

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New Zealand changed the rules of the game in 2018 to allow digital gambling. With the popularity of mobile devices, changes in regulations have brought more people into the growing online industry.

TVNZ cited a research report from the Problem Gambling Foundation that according to the country's official statistics, digital spending on scratch cards in the country increased from 21.6 million New Zealand dollars in 2016 to $ 29.8 million in 2019.

Currently, government regulations require that digital consumption of electronic scratch cards be limited to $ 50 per week. At the same time, the country is launching a campaign to increase consumer protection to promote responsible gambling.

As a result, all online gambling is currently under review, and Raj Krishnan of the New Zealand Home Office said the review is ongoing. Mr Krishnan said: "We are analyzing the materials received and making recommendations to our minister, and the review should take place mid-year."

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