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How to get your PlayStation 2019 summary

If you see your teammates posting a bunch of cute little graphics about their playtime this year ’s playtime, PlayStation 4 And you feel a bit missing, don't worry! What happened is that they found their annual summary, which is telling them that they will play the biggest role in 2019. How to get your PlayStation 2019 summary.

If you want to master the annual summary, you actually only need to complete one step: Sign in to PlayStation services here. After logging in through this link, it will spit out little blue and white infographics you see everywhere. It is only available in selected locations, so you will not be able to access statistics if you receive a message notifying you. Sorry!

However, for everyone else, just sign in to your PlayStation account at the link above to calculate the top 3 games for 2019. Whether it's Apex Legends, Rocket League or Death Stranding, as long as you have logged in at least 10 game hours in 2019 before December 10 (the system's deadline), this is when your statistics should run seamlessly .

PlayStation's summary will also calculate the number of hours you have played on other consoles, such as Vita, and will include information about the number of days played, accumulated trophies, and average usage habits (for example, when you are online). Most at any given time point of the week. After trying to figure out the data, you can share screenshots of any graphics you want to share on social networking sites. very simple.

Now you know How to get your PlayStation 2019 summary, All you need to do is log in as described above. Want to keep up with the latest game news? Check out the following articles written by our team:

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