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"Halo Unlimited" postponed to 2021, Xbox Series X will still be released this year

343 industry announcements Halo infinite It will be launched in 2021 and will no longer be released with Xbox Series X.

In the latest development of the franchise’s official Twitter to fans, Chris Lee, the head of the studio, revealed that there are multiple reasons for the delay, one of which is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"We (343 industries) made the difficult decision to postpone our release date to 2021 to ensure that the team has enough time to deliver Halo A gaming experience that meets our vision. "

The message continued: "The decision to publish our decision is the result of multiple factors that have led to development challenges, including the COVID-related impact that continues to affect us."

Li said in the statement, "The extra time will allow us to complete the key work necessary to achieve the most ambitious goals. Halo Play the game with the quality we know fans expect. "

Read the company's full statement regarding the following delays:

Halo infiniteAfter showing the initial gameplay on the Xbox Games Showcase, weeks of criticism and strong fan opposition caused the game to be delayed. Criticism prompted 343 Industries to respond, stating that "feedback brings new opportunities and considerations."

Despite the delay Halo infiniteMicrosoft has doubled the price of Xbox Series X launched this year, and even announced a November release window.

In the new Xbox blog post, The company has realized Halo infinite The system will not be launched this year, but promises "a lot of time to keep you busy."

According to the post, "Xbox Series X will be launched globally in November this year, and there will be more than 100 games optimized for Xbox Series X, and there will be thousands of games across four generations."

The recent Xbox Games Showcase not only showed Halo infinite, And there are many other first-party titles. Games like Psychonauts 2 Received new shots and fan favorite series fable Announced to restart.

In the past few years, the company has received support from numerous development studios such as Rare and Double Fine Productions.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said in a recent interview that the title of Xbox Series X will become "the most diverse collection of first-party games" the company has seen.

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