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Get Costume Quest 2 and Fears of Fear 2 for free

This week, new freebies are now available at Epic Games Store. You can get Costume Task 2 with Fear Layer 2 If you collect them next week, you can keep them for free. They also announced next week's freebies, combined with this week's freebies, to produce four packs suitable for the entire Halloween. From October 29th, they will provide free Blair Witch with Ghostbusters: video game remake. This is the lowest price for this week’s product:

Costume Quest 2 Sequel from Double Fine heads to a Halloween adventure
Explore the spooky scenery that travels through time and space, put on cute new costumes, become a powerful Harrow warrior, and even collect "Creeper Healing Cards" to fight against many bad guys obsessed with hygiene.

"Lars of Fear 2" is a first-person psychological horror game that focuses on exploration and story. The player controls a Hollywood actor who will heed the call of a mysterious director to take the lead in this movie shot on an ocean liner.

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