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Games: Wii revisits the classic Wii classic "Wonderful 101": The remastered version is still a frustrating and intensive game experience

Wonderful 101: Remake [various]

Founder: Platinum Games

With its perfect imitability storm-developers favored by the Japanese meet Nintendo video game experts on inferior game consoles-Wonderful 101 is one of the best action games in its class. Inspired by Platinum ’s fascination with Japanese popular culture and inspired by everything from the anime “Battle of the Planets” in the late 1970s to “Power Rangers”, a group of wearers A sports animation with a helmet and cape defeated the aliens on a crazy digital adventure.

For a game designed to take full advantage of the heroic power of the public, the Wii U action actor in 2013 has been resurrected through crowdfunding financial power, which is very suitable. Controlling a team leader of heroes fighting alongside unwashed giants, Wonderful 101 is tailored for the Wii U as players graffiti on their generous GamePad and collect up to 100 character mobs who are in the city Bouncing on the stage and washing the mini-games.

Furnishings abound in vibrant games, from punch-style gloves to racing and retro shooting games, although many visual clues are unclear, and you often unintentionally try to try new game elements. Although Remastered provides more guidance and some tools to smooth the learning curve, it is well known that this is still a game and it does not explain itself well.

Fighting is the number one star here, but the gameplay is so intensive, half of the time is that you are playing some unrelated mini games to maintain the diversity of the experience. It will kill momentum in a game about momentum.

At least on the Switch, you can still use the touch screen to control the gang, but there is no such luxury on the PS4 and PC, because the correct analog joystick can be used to draw. However, this is imprecise, and anything but a simple line is unbelievable.

From a technical point of view, Remastered looks almost unscrubbed-but then the original Wii U was in no way inferior. Although at least on PC and PS4 Pro, you will appreciate 60fps visual chaos, but these tiny characters still make it difficult to navigate the environment correctly.

Seven years after its debut, there is still no love letter to me like Wonderful 101 comics, superheroes and video games, and as long as it is properly modified, it could have been a glorious resurrection. There are many places in its spandex clumsy and tent camps worth visiting, but considering that its core gaming needs are only the kind of real estate provided by the Wii U GamePad, this is an antique that should be kept.

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