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Fortnite Downtime: As Epic Games Confirms Server Updates, Chapter 2 Patch News | Game Entertainment

Epic Games will take Fortnite servers offline on January 15 to make room for the next Fortnite Chapter 2 patch.

The 11.40 update is now planned for release in the early hours of Wednesday, which will be the first major patch in 2020.

The good news is that we know exactly when the server can be taken offline, but for now, we don't know how long maintenance can last.

How long is the permanent server down?

Fortnite Server downtime is set for January 15th in preparation for the release of the 11.40 update.

Fortnite maintenance is expected to last at least an hour and may last longer, depending on the amount of work done on the game.

Epic Games has confirmed that if you live in the United States, the Fortnite server will be shut down at 9 AM EST, or 4 AM GMT.

"Hello everyone! V11.40 is tomorrow. The downtime for this patch starts at 4 AM EST [0900 UTC]," a message from Epic Games wrote.

"Please stay tuned for updates at the end of the downtime."

Currently, we can predict that the Fortnite server will be down for less than three hours, but if something goes wrong, the situation may change.

What's included in FORTNITE UPDATE 11.40?

Currently, the details about Fortnite update 11.40 are still very vague and it is difficult to determine what will be included.

We do know that the latest patch will include game fixes and should free fans from some annoying mistakes.

These will all include changes to the sniper rifle and edit mode as they are all listed on the game's Trello board. Other fixes may include Star Wars legacy entries functioning normally and the Overtime Challenge tracking bus station.

After so long without adding, Epic Games is also expected to make some content changes. Fortnite Battle Royale's lifeblood is based on weekly changes to the game and helps keep the game fresh.

Sometimes these changes may cause further problems, but we may see some news on January 15. The easiest way is to launch a new weapon, a new mode or something else that has proved popular among fans.

Maybe an extension of Fortnite split screen that brings new features to the Nintendo Switch?

This seems unlikely, but the good news is that Epic Games is expected to release patch notes after the new update is released. We cannot guarantee when Fortnite news will be released, but fans will eagerly wait for the latest news.

We can also expect data miners to start browsing the latest files for clues about the next events and changes in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The new overtime challenge may be part of the information leaked by data miners, and Epic confirmed earlier this month that they have more information to share.

"Chapter 2 Season 1 Overtime Challenge has begun," Epic Games released last week.

"You may have come across alternatives to Remedy and others, but there seem to be more alternatives. Unlock these new forms by completing the overtime challenge!

"The overtime challenge task for week 1 is now available-complete the challenge in the task to win a special style."

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