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Final Fantasy VII remake delays make it easy for eager players

  • Final Fantasy VII remake has been postponed until April 2020.
  • The news was announced on the Final Fantasy VII Twitter page.
  • Most fans responded positively.

This is real. Final Fantasy VII remake has been delayed. It was originally scheduled to be released in March 2020, but now it will be released sometime in April. This news is devastating for a large part of the gaming world. Now we will have to wait another month to watch one of the hottest games of 2020.

Often, such news causes great anger and confusion. But once, everyone shuddered about it. This fully illustrates that our attitude towards video games is beginning to change.

The overwhelming response to the remake of Final Fantasy VII was positive. | Resources: Twitter

Final Fantasy VII Remake Fans Still Calm

If you look at the original tweet, you might expect to see some bad responses. Usually people complain that they have to wait longer. Or at least they will complain to the developers. But, for a long time, people knew it for the first time.

Someone responded to Miyamoto quotes. "Delayed games are ultimately good, but rushed games are never good." Echoing other users, other users tell Square Enix to take some time. So far, few people have gone crazy.

Some expressed disappointment. But even they are quite civilized about it all. Avoid swearing or blaming developers, even if someone booked an appointment in March. it is When you click on that Twitter thread for the first time, it is surprisingly wholesome.

People really want to demonstrate

Some people suggest some measures. Several people have made it clear that they want to post a demo. Some people even suggested that they make Sephiroth particularly sexy to apologize. Although, I'm pretty sure it was a joke. probably.

It seems that Final Fantasy VII Remake has some pretty casual fans. Often, people understand that delay means that Square Enix cares about the product. This news simply means that the game may be very good.

At least that's what we all want. If this continues, we might be able to convince everyone that the gaming community is a quiet and respected place. Hopefully this new way of reacting will become the norm for all negative gaming news. Even if it did kill some hype.

This article is edited by the author Sambraj Das.

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