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Fall guys are the internet fashion that everyone wants to work with

Fall Guys are very important right now. The Royale platform game battle with 60 players was released earlier this month, and its stupid knockout game show swept the entire gaming world. There is no doubt that it is its highlight-it is very popular on Twitch, and the PC alone has achieved 2 million sales. And, thanks to the tall and clumsy outfits that the fall guys can wear in name, this seems to be a good fit for some crossovers with other games.

In fact, the first cooperation no longer exists. Developer Mediatonic and Hotline Miami teamed up to bring a jacket set to the game:

Given that Devolver Digital also released the hotlines for Fall Guys and Miami, we think this is difficult to arrange. But what is the scope of cooperation with other games? Well, it seems that Mediatonic is not completely lack of options. The following are some examples of studios and gaming-related companies that we have found. These companies either agreed or just threw themselves on Fall Guys. If you don't want to browse all these tweets, then some famous examples include Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher, KFC Gaming, and Hitman.

So yes, we hope to see some cool cross-cutting content in Fall Guys in the future. What kind of cooperation do you want? Maybe ratchet or sacks? Let us present some of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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