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Enthusiast games provide the latest information on the latest marketing campaigns TSX Venture Exchange: EGLX

Toronto, December 31, 2019 [Global News]-Enthusiast games holding company [hereinafter referred to as "Enthusiastic games"Or"the company”[OTCQB: ENGMF] started in the OTCQB risk market ["OTC"] Issued on December 13, 2019 and has been requested by OTC to comment on the recent marketing activities of its common shares traded on the OTC market.

As stated in the December 2, 2019 press release, Enthusiast Games and Native Ads, Inc. [hereinafter referred to as "Native ad"] Provide strategic digital media and programmatic advertising to help increase the brand awareness of enthusiast games and gain valuable data, insights and leads. As mentioned in this press release, enthusiast games also paid Native Ads 2019 The creation and distribution of certain marketing materials released on December 17, 2014. Although the company has reviewed any facts, the company has no editorial control over the materials. The company is inaccurate. The company cannot determine whether these materials are correct The trading of the company's common stock had a significant impact. The OTC Committee informed the company that, as a result of these materials, the company's personal information already contained a stock promotion logo, which would remain until 15 days after the end of the marketing campaign.

Materials written by Native Ads provide an overview of the company's business and operations and the growth potential of the global gaming and e-sports industry. The OTC Committee believes that these materials may contain speculative language and forward-looking statements about the company's future prospects. As a result, the company is taking immediate steps to stop the distribution of these materials.

After inquiries from the company's management, directors, controllers, and third-party service providers, to the best of the company's knowledge during the past 90 days, no such person has executed any sales of company securities during that period. In the previous 90 days, the company did not issue any securities at a price lower than the current market price [except for previously issued convertible securities].

Since trading began on September 9, 2019 as Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc., the company has engaged the following third parties to provide investor relations, public relations, marketing, advertising and other related activities: Strike Communications Inc., Native Ads, Inc., New Era Publishing, Inc., MZ IR Group and Generation Advisors.

About Enthusiast Games

Enthusiast games [TSX.V: EGLX] [OTCQB: ENGMF] [FSE: 2AV] are building the world's largest community network for gamers and e-sports fans. The company's business is already the largest gaming network in North America and the United Kingdom, and consists of three main pillars: media, events and esports. The digital media platform for enthusiast games includes more than 100 game-related websites and 900 YouTube channels, which attract a total of 150 million visitors each month. The media network generates more than 30 billion ad requests and 1 billion page views each month. Enthusiast's Gaming Division Luminosity Gaming is the world's leading e-sports franchise, consisting of seven professional e-sports teams with ownership and management rights, including the Vancouver Titans Overwatch and Seattle-based Call of Duty. The integrated ecosystem covers an average of more than 200 million game fans every month. Enthusiast game event business, owns and operates Canada's largest game expo, Enthusiast Game Live Expo, EGLX, [eglx.com] And Pocket Gamer Connects, Europe ’s largest mobile gaming event. For more information about the company, please visit www.enthusiastgaming.com. For more information on luminosity games, visit luminosity.gg


Julia Becker
Head of Investor Relations and Marketing
[604] 785-0850

This press release contains certain statements that, under applicable securities laws, may constitute forward-looking information. Except for historical facts, all statements concerning activities, events, results, results, developments, performances or achievements that enthusiasts anticipate or anticipate in the future [in whole or in part] may or will occur should be considered forward-looking information. Such information may involve, but is not limited to, comments on company strategy, expectations, planned operations and future actions. Usually, but not always, this can be done by using items such as "plan", "expect", "expect", "budget", "planned", "estimate" "Or variations of such words and phrases [including negative variations] or statements made in the future, or meaning that certain actions, events or results are" likely "," maybe "," will "," maybe "or "To be" [or other variations of the above] is adopted, happened, realized or adopted. Forward-looking information is based on competition, financial and economic data and operating plans, strategies or beliefs currently available as of the date of this news release, but involves known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors that may cause actual results, Enthusiasts' performance or achievements are materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking information. These factors may be based on information currently available to enthusiasts, including information from third-party industry analysts and other third-party sources, and based on management's future growth, operating results, future capital [including the amount, nature, and source of funds] and expenditure. This warning statement clearly defines all forward-looking information contained in this press release. Trading in corporate securities should be considered highly speculative.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its regulatory service provider [the term is defined in the TSX Venture Exchange policy] assumes any responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this press release.

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