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Edinburgh coach Richard Cockerill insists that his team is heading in the right direction

Richard Cockerill [RICHARD COCKERILL] said that his Edinburgh team should start a catastrophic counterattack, let French heavyweight Bordeaux-Begles [Bordeaux-Begles] struggle for 10 minutes, until finally yesterday Failed to compete in Chaban-Delmas in the quarterfinals of the European Challenge Cup.

The head coach insisted that it was different from the team's last match against Ulster in the PRO14 play-off two weeks ago-the commander was lost in the last 20 minutes of the game. This game proved that the whole team was indeed moving to the right.

In the absence of a few key players, his side showed a great personality, and Cokcle believes that the intensity of the game means that the mistakes made are forgivable.

He said: "The hard work and composure we showed in the game [down from 14-0], the motivation to be competitive and really win the game owes to all players."

"When we hold this position in this company, you must be cautious and realistic. Against Ulster, we should have won this game. We are a good enough team and we did not deliver.

"Today, this is always a difficult task because they are the good side of good players. The location of Bordeaux, their budget is very different in some respects compared to our budget and the way we do business. You are not Comparing apples with apples.

"We will never accept failure, it is established, but players who have played this game will have to learn from it. People like George Taylor, in some bad moments and some very good moments, Like James Johnstone, and like Nick Haining, the latter lost the ball in the opening six points. These things happened, and the pressure was high. Many people have not Enter this stage.

"We are heading in the right direction: they are happy to get rid of a great victory for our players and to show our progress.

"We will not invest another two to three million pounds in the market to make the team better because we don't have money. As long as people can understand today and the days so far away today, that's true and good."

There was news last Friday that a member of the University of Edinburgh course tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a family gathering in violation of social evacuation rules last weekend, but the news enveloped the game. But Kirkley insisted that it made no sense. Regarding the preparation of the team.

However, he did make it clear that he was not very satisfied with this situation.

He said: "This did not affect today's performance at all, but it was a distraction for me and the people in the chain because we have to deal with this situation, which is disappointing." "I am disappointed with the players' behavior. We live in a world that can be infected with COVID-19 from anything, but as long as we can do what we say, we can work in accordance with the agreement, whether as the general public or professional rugby players, if anyone Sign a contract, that is the world we currently live in.

"For me, it's disappointing that the players involved know exactly what they should and shouldn't do, and they choose to do what they shouldn't do.

"Young people do what young people do, and they will have to learn this lesson. They let the whole team down, it's that simple. They know how to behave, they know everything to prepare for the game and the crowd on the court.

"Wrong, but it is being processed. Fortunately, this has no effect on the first team. We can participate in the game today, but I am not particularly satisfied with this behavior."

Kokirill also praised winger Darcy Graham, who showed an extraordinary combination of speed, agility, strength, resilience and consciousness, reminiscent of Edinburgh’s only game attempt, Damian. Damian Hoyland scored.

"He is a high-quality player, and his job is great." Cokerrier said. "We have outstanding qualities, we must continue to develop, unite this team, and work hard for our work."

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