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Darrell Clarke: My Walsall is incorrectly shaped

Darrell Clark
Darrell Clark

Sadlers is on par with the home team in a 5-3-2 formation, but it is difficult to gain a foothold in the game in the first half.

The injury to James Clark in the first half meant that Walsall became a 4-4-2- in the second stage and they saw more success-Clark admitted that he was wrong.

"You have to see it-I'm honest, because they are here, my first assessment is, is my shape and form correct? Clark said: "Maybe today is not the beginning of the game. "

"We will evaluate it. Although we stood on the front foot and got the corner in the first few minutes, they scored afterwards.

"I'm one of the managers who like to change things and look at the way games are developed. If you have to make changes after 20 or 25 minutes, my lads are very comfortable doing it.

"To be honest, I changed it two or three times in the game.

"Everyone will evaluate my performance, but I have to evaluate it first. I might have gotten the shape wrong at the beginning.

"This is the firm performance of my boys. Enough energy, hard work and I think we finished the game.

"The game progressed quickly and we maintained an unbeaten record. If we can connect two or three wins together, these draws look good."

Offensive midfielder Rory Holden disappeared from the team, and Clarke revealed that he was injured.

"Unfortunately, Rory was injured, so I hope he can come back soon," Clark added.

"This will happen. The £250,000 per week Premier League players have super rents and will be restored every time they look back. Unfortunately, players will get injured by playing so many games over a period of time.

"That's it. I tried to protect my club and protect my players, and then I was criticized for being overloaded or not choosing the same team.

"But we have to be cautious and make sure we try to get as many healthy players on the court as possible without getting too many injuries.

"It is disappointing that we were injured in Clarke and Rory Holden today."

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