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Currys Boxing Day sale: best deals on games, appliances, audio, and more

Wrapping paper has been recycled and the fire has dissipated-which means it's time for Currys Boxing Day sales! Today, we are seeing amazing new savings on a range of products-new product lines are getting amazing discounts, and some of the hottest products this year have seen price cuts to welcome the new year.

They've actually been around since Christmas, but that doesn't mean there aren't too many TV deals, laptops or even Nintendo Switch bundle savings-so the gift you want isn't under the tree or you just want to spend Santa / Your Nan gives you Christmas money, and there are still many options.

But if you want to visit All Best savings now we have all Best Boxing Day Listing, Our professional trading hunters will trawl online to find specials.

We've seen some prices also drop to Black Friday levels, so if you want to bargain, you can say that these deals are competitive and you may not have missed the winner this year.

Retailers have deals across the entire electronics space, and as we approach Boxing Day, the product lineup seems to be changing daily, with different special deals.

There are several key reasons for Boxing Day sales to keep in mind Currys. For example, they can ship in stores, which is a useful option if you travel across the country-although, as we discovered when we tried to buy a TV on Christmas Day, it is not always possible to get what we want-the store .

Like most retailers, Currys also has a price matching guarantee (scroll down this page for more information).

Below, we capture the best Currys Boxing Day sales that are still in stock-as mentioned above, some of them cost as low as Black Friday, these prices are on 4K TVs, Google Home and Fitbit wearables and more.

Below, we will determine when we have seen similar transactions before Black Friday for reference only. Check out our best Currys Boxing Day sales below, and we'll update them over the holidays.

Our best price

Best Currys Boxing Day Sale Today

So far we have found the best Currys Boxing Day sales.

Save a lot of 4K TVs
In Boxing Day sales, Currys discounted the price of its 4K TV by £ 200. This week, you can find the cheapest new TV for £ 249-for some Currys best-selling TVs, it's a very cheap price.
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LG 43UM7000PLA 4K TV: £ 349 Currys £ 279
In Boxing Day promotions, you will find this cheap 43-inch LG TV even below its Black Friday price. It's a great price for a great display and a trusted manufacturer. Just a little more, you can 49-inch model. View offers

Bose Soundtouch 30 III: £ 399 Currys £ 319
This wireless speaker may be a little older, but still has powerful and spacious sound that can bring Hi-Fi audio to anywhere in your home. Now £ 70 cheaper, it can make a great Christmas gift.

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Google homepage: £ 89 Currys for £ 49
Some Google devices at Currys have dropped to their previous discounts, including this smart speaker. Enjoy ad-supported access to YouTube Music and use Google Assistant to answer any difficult questions you may have. View offers

Google Nest Hub: £ 119 Currys £ 58.99
You can buy Google Nest Hub for £ 59 and get six months of free Spotify Premium. The smart hub display can control smart home devices and can display photos, make phone calls, display news, and more with Google Assistant.
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Sonos Beam: £ 399 Currys for £ 329
Sonos Beam is one of the smartest soundbars on the market, and it will be a core part of the music ecosystem you connect to, just like heavy classical music melody and feel comfortable in a sensational soundtrack.View offers

AirPods with charging case (2019) | £ 159 Currys for £ 138
Prior to Boxing Day sales, Apple's AirPods were often discounted-we previously saw them as low as £ 125, but now they are sold out in most places. However, if you want them to pass through Currys, they are still in stock and still below the RRP.
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Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II wireless headphones: £ 260 Currys for £ 219
Today, you can buy Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II wireless headphones on Currys for less than £ 220. Boxing Day sales are great for headphones, and this pair of tested jars will get you right in 2020.
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Bose Noise Cancelling Headset 700: £ 349 Currys for £ 297
These Bose headphones are one of the best noise cancelling cans on the planet and you can save more than £ 50 on Boxing Day sales. With the latest Bose headphones, you get more than just great sound quality-great design and support for Google Assistant and Alexa are win-win.
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Beats Studio 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones | £ 299 Currys for £ 199
Do you think there are no luxury wireless headphones under the tree this year? You can get this great deal on Beats Studio 3 for less than £ 200 in early Boxing Day sales. This is an expensive price for the overall quality of these headphones, and even better if you are an iPhone user who wants to use the W1 chip.
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Sony WH-XB900N Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones: £ 199 Currys £ 128
If you're looking for a cheap pair of noise cancelling headphones, the price of these Sony WH-XB900N cans at Currys will drop to Black Friday. You will get an amazing 30 hours of battery life and extraordinary bass.
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20% off Logitech accessories In curry
You can grab gaming headphones, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and even Racing wheels and pedals In Currys' Logitech promotion. In today's "Daily Deal" you will get a 20% discount on a large number of Logitech products.
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Ultimate Ear MegaBoom 2 | £ 169 Currys for £ 79
The Ultimate Ears MegaBoom 2 portable speaker provides up to 20 hours of battery life and, in addition to being a beautiful small Bluetooth speaker, can also charge USB smartphones. You saved £ 90 in a Boxing Day promotion, so now is the best time to buy a fully featured wireless speaker for less.
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Sonos one: £ 199 £ 168 at Currys
Price increased
Sonos One is the best smart speaker of 2019, although it is not the case Such as Although cheap, it can still save. The Sonos One is a simple and smart smart speaker that not only sounds great, but is one of the most feature-rich voice-activated speakers.

Sonos One SL: £ 179 Currys for £ 149
Price increased
Want great Sonos sound without having a voice assistant monitor your conversation? This microphoneless connected speaker from Sonos can provide this, letting you bring music to every room in your home-although the price has increased from the beginning of the year.

Note: You can also buy Sonos One SL £ 1 cheaper on Amazon.

Apple HomePod: £ 319 Currys £ 279
Price increased
HomePod is Apple's response to Amazon and Google smart speakers, but brings more sound to the party. This is still a deal but fell to £ 206 at the start of the sale (You can buy it for £ 229 on John Lewis), You will get high-performance smart smart speakers with space perception and A8 processing capabilities.

Enter the code SMARTSOUND10 at checkout.

Xbox One S 1TB | Star Wars Jedi Order | 2x Games | Currys for £ 179
This got a good price on the Xbox Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (£ 20 cheaper than last week!). Most importantly, you also get Project Cars 2 and Tekken7. Although they are not new enough to excite themselves, adding them to this already excellent bundle will always fail.

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Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Command Pack: Currys £ 279
Currys has the same bundle, it's also released with Tekken 7 and Project Cars 2, and it's £ 299 cheaper than Black Friday, so it's a big expense. The Xbox One X is the most powerful game console in the world. Jedi: Fallen Order is an excellent Star Wars game.
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Xbox One Wireless Controller | £ 44.99 Currys £ 34.99
Save £ 10 for the Xbox One's new wireless controller on Currys Boxing Day sales. If you've just opened a new console or want to refresh the controller's inventory, this deal is not to be missed.
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Star Wars Jedi: Failed Order for Xbox One | Currys for £ 37.99
Curry lowered the price of a series of Xbox One games, but Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was only £ 37.99, the most striking. In early Boxing Day sales, this new game usually costs $ 49.99. You can also withdraw a copy FIFA 20 For the same price.
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DualShock 4-various colors: £ 44.99 Currys £ 29.99
Get a variety of colors for this PS4 controller, and if you are a new subscriber to Spotify Premium, you can buy a PS4 for six months for free. This is an excellent modern game controller, which is the price we usually see during sales.
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Nintendo Switch Lite | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition | Currys for £ 219
Since Currys Boxing Day sold for just £ 219, the Nintendo Switch Lite can be snapped up, one of the highest-selling games since Switch was released. Mario Kart has become synonymous with Nintendo, so picking up early is always a victory. Also available at yellow with gray.
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Nintendo Switch Games | Currys for £ 36.99
Currently, Currys sells a large number of Nintendo Switch games for only £ 36.99 each. You can buy such things as Mario Kart 8, Luigi & # 39; s Mansion 3, Super Mario Party, Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, The Zelda: Link & # 39; s Awakening and Super Mario Maker 2 at such a great price Like headlines. Headings are slightly cheaper, but a bit more expensive.
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iPhone 11 64 GB | £ 699 at Currys
This iPhone 11 has returned to the lowest price of Currys. You can save £ 30 on this 64GB model, which means you can bring back an unlocked phone at a lower price this week.
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Apple iPad 10.2 (2019) 32GB | £ 349 Currys £ 289
On Boxing Day, the price of this iPad in Currys will drop below £ 300. It drops to its Black Friday price, which is a big reduction and can save a lot of money with the cheapest iPad out there. You will only be able to really use this tablet to entertain and use some note-taking applications, but if you want to use iCloud to store more content, you can get more from this transaction.
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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 | Black Type Cover | £ 1,269 Currys for £ 829
The 256GB Surface Pro 7 has dropped by £ 440 this week, and sales on Boxing Day have fallen sharply. You'll get an i5 processor here with 8GB of RAM, and Currys includes a type protective case-essential for turning a Pro 7 tablet into a working laptop.
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Apple MacBook Pro (2017) | £ 1,099 Currys for £ 899
This MacBook Pro may be a 2017 model, but if you're looking for a luxury laptop from 2020, it's still a big shout. £ 899 is a very good price for this 256GB SSD model with 8GB RAM, but please note that you will not get a touch bar on this particular version.
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HP Pavilion 14-inch Notebook | £ 649 £ 499 at Currys
Grab this outstanding 14-inch laptop with a 14GB 512GB SSD at Currys for under £ 500 this week. You will get an amazing 10th-generation i5 processor with 8GB RAM and 32GB Intel Optane memory to boot. This is an absolute steal, so be sure to jump when there is sufficient stock.
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Fitbit Versa 2 | £ 199 Currys for £ 159
This Fitbit Versa smartwatch does everything you expect a Fitbit fitness tracker to do with additional on-screen exercise guidance. Most importantly, your battery life is 5 days, and Amazon Alexa is built in.

Apple Watch Series 3-38 mm: Currys for £ 199
Series 3 is the cheapest Apple Watch deal in the series, priced at just £ 199 in early Boxing Day sales. Despite the low prices this week, you can still get a great waterproof OLED touchscreen and all the major Apple Watch experiences you'd expect. In addition, it is still fully compatible with WatchOS 6.1.
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Apple Watch Series 5-40mm: Currys for £ 379
In Boxing Day sales, the price of this 5 series is lower than that of the cellular 4 series, so this Apple Watch deal is the real winner. The latest Apple Watch offers a unique always-on display feature, which makes it the biggest difference from earlier models.
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Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera | Antiques on Anticoantico £ 99.99 Currys £ 74.99
The Instax Mini 9 is now available on Currys for £ 25 and comes with 10 photos. Plus, you save all your cash and you can even take more instant photos.
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GoPro Hero 7 Black | Antiques on Anticoantico £ 379 Currys for £ 299
The GoPro Hero 7 Black model is the most feature-rich product in the series. You'll get great 4K footage and a range of additional launch features. If you are already planning a holiday in 2020, you need to make sure that you capture every second with this high quality action camera. You will also get an extra battery and a microSD card bundled with this price.

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Fuji X-T100 mirrorless camera: £ 547 Curry's £ 349
Outstanding performance in X-T100 competition Amazon's own Now, if you want to buy a new camera at a substantial discount. This reduced the list price by almost £ 200. . View offers

Dolce Gusto Hot Drink Machine | £ 79.99 Currys for £ 28
For Currys Boxing Day sales, this Dolce Gusto coffee machine is the company's favorite. This is the price we saw on this special model last year, and they flew off the shelf after Christmas.
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George Foreman Evolve Precision 24002 Grill: £ 199 Currys for £ 89
Currys has reduced the price of this grill, which filters out fat from food and has an adjustable grill pan and timer function. Manufacturers promise to use this stuff to achieve restaurant-quality steaks. View offers

Morphy Richards Soup Machine £ 69.99 Currys £ 39.99
This device can hold up to 1.6 liters of soup, which can be made into soup in 21 minutes and into soup in 28 minutes. If you want to make a healthier lunch in 2020, it might be worth it. View offers

Tefal Easy Fry Precision Air Fryer: £ 99.99 Currys for £ 59
Save £ 40 on this air fryer, which is healthier than a traditional fryer. You can choose from four cooking settings: dry, roast, grill or grill, and they should cover most of the food you want to cook. View offers

Slow cooker 4.7 liters: £ 69.99 Currys £ 34.99
Save £ 35 by buying this 4.7 liter slow cooker in time before Christmas. This dishwasher-safe slow cooker is insulated to keep you home and eat after a long day at work. View offers

Expired transaction

Curry Boxing Day Sale You Missed

Currys has made some amazing cheap smart speaker deals, but it's now expired-you can still buy many of these products at a discount, although they won't be as cheap as before.

Looking for more? Scroll down for the best smart speaker prices in your area.

Amazon Echo Show (second generation): £ 219.99 Currys for £ 169.99
The transaction has expired All the Alexa smart home chat and control features you might want, as well as a nice big screen that lets you browse at will. A discount of 50 pounds is really cheap this Christmas.View offers

Fitbit Ace 2 Kids Fitness Tracker and Nest Mini: £ 69.99 Currys £ 49.99
The transaction has expired Considering that you can currently buy trackers separately for around £ 50 elsewhere, why not buy a second-generation Google Nest Mini? May be the ideal purchase for a healthy New Year. View offers

Kindle (2019) e-reader: £ 69.99 Currys £ 49.99
The transaction has expired Amazon's discount is the same as the Currys discount on the Kindle, but the difference is that Spotify Premium can be purchased for six months from an electronics retailer (but only for new accounts). View offers

Sonos Play: 5: £ 499 Currys £ 381.60
End of transaction
Sonos Play: 5 wireless smart speakers are elegant and shocking, proving that Sonos is still the mainstream. Sonos Play: 5 wireless smart speakers with custom-designed woofer to provide rich bass, while the sealed architecture eliminates reverberation and echo . With a discount of more than £ 100 now, it is more affordable than ever.

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Bose Home Speaker 500: £ 399 Currys for £ 299
Price increased Bose is known for its high-quality speakers, and the Home Speaker 500 is no exception. From wall-to-wall stereos, from a single speaker to the integrated Google Assistant and Alexa, this is a smart speaker with outstanding sound effects-now the lowest price.

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Bose Home Speaker 300: £ 249.95 £ 209 at Currys
Price increased
The Snag the Bose Home Speaker 300 costs £ 188.10. Smart speakers produce an impressive 360-degree sound and can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

Curry Price Match Promise

Whether it's Christmas, Black Friday or January sales, online retailers have been seeking to weaken each other in price. This is great news for consumers, but it does mean you have to spend time searching online to make sure you pay as little as possible for a particular gadget.

Enter Curry Price Match Promise. As the name suggests, if you can find a cheap product elsewhere, Currys will match the price of that product-there are some terms and conditions to be aware of, but that's the point.

This means that if you see the same product at a lower price at any other retailer, whether online or in-store, then Currys will match the price you choose. The company will even match any discount code provided so you don't have to pay an extra penny.

As we already mentioned, there are some terms and conditions to keep in mind: Competitive quotes must come from UK retailers, and the items must be exactly the same until the model number (which is always worth checking carefully). In addition, delivery and installation costs, product protection services, and other add-ons are not included, so they should be excluded when comparing prices.

read more: How to Use Curry Price Match Promise

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