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Can PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X become the swan song of game consoles?

Sony and Microsoft's upcoming ninth-generation game consoles will become a pandemic slam dunk. Consumers should seek entertainment during the pandemic. But as the habits of gamers change, could this also be their swan song?

The two companies have been releasing information about PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X for months to arouse people's attention, and now they have announced that these consoles will be put on the market (including the living room) in mid-November.

Pre-orders for PS5 quickly reached the maximum at many retailers, which shows that many gamers are really eager to upgrade and launch sales wars in time during the holidays.

Moreover, this will be a major hardware upgrade, as the latest generation of machines was released in 2013. Both of these new game consoles will provide more powerful central processing units and graphics processors, support 4K TVs, and provide ray tracing, which can better reproduce the behavior of light. All these will make the game more smooth and vivid.

Charles said: "When people look at the technical specifications of the new game console, it is ten times higher than the current game console. We will have more beautiful, more realistic, and more immersive games. People will be shocked. ." -Louis Planade, video game expert at Midcap Partners.

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-The sky is clouded over? –

Sony has sold 110 million PS4 consoles in the past seven years as a measure of success, more than twice that of its rival Xbox One.

Planade told AFP: "The challenge for Microsoft is not to let Sony take the lead, or even keep it ahead."

Considering the increasing number of players, analysts believe that they may be on par with their previous success.

In view of the changes in the industry, others are not sure. The industry has begun to shift from expensive large machines to cloud games for online games.

Audrey Leprince, co-founder of the independent game studio The Game Bakers, said: "This generation may be the last physical game console. This will be the last time we are here to talk about teraflops.

"Trillion operations" refers to the processor's ability to calculate one trillion operations, and Sony and Microsoft have been showing off the speed and features of their new game consoles.

Leprince said that there are no major innovations in the game interface or the game itself.

She said, but "the stone in the pond… is a shift to a subscription model", which means that console manufacturers are becoming "the Netflix of video games."

Leprince said that subscriptions-Microsoft's Game Pass and Sony's PlayStation Plus "will revolutionize the movie and music industry, and the entire industry."

By providing access to the game catalog, Game Pass has become very similar to the Netflix of video games, and PlayStation Plus also provides other services that attract gamers, such as playing online with friends.

Planade said: "The challenge for console manufacturers is to retain their subscribers so as not to open them to challengers," such as Google or Amazon.

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-Cloud games-

The two Internet giants are betting on cloud gaming, which saves them from using consoles. The game can be run on various devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because it is the servers in the cloud that bear the heavy burden of processing, there is no need for powerful and expensive consoles.

But both companies have also taken a step towards cloud gaming, offering new, lower-priced console versions without drivers. Games must be downloaded or streamed from the Internet, and have dedicated xCloud and PlayStation Now services.

Laurent Michaud, an analyst focusing on the video game industry, said: "We are in a transitional phase." He expects consoles and cloud games to coexist for some time.

He believes that "the trend shows that this will not be the latest generation of game consoles."

Many gamers like to play games on high-resolution big screens, and publishers will want to take advantage of 8K TVs that provide a great experience.

Michaud pointed out that "even within a few years, the network cannot transmit images fast enough" for 8K screens.

With "technology that keeps all manufacturers at the same level", the game catalog "will be more important to the success of this generation than in the past."

Both Sony and Microsoft lined up many eagerly anticipated game consoles to release together with game consoles for no reason.

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