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Britain calls for evidence of stolen goods, deadline is today

After the British government launched an investigation into loot boxes in September, today marks the last day you say #lootboxes @yougov @govuk

At 26day In September of this year, the British government issued an appeal for evidence collection of loot boxes. Specifically, they asked for "evidence on the impact of loot in video games to study the problems they might encourage or cause problem gambling." Well, the deadline has come. Today’s public consultations just ended at 23.59. After that, no evidence will be considered.

After the British government responded to the DCMS Select Committee, the invitation contributed to this global discussion. In early June, the course focused on immersive and addictive technical inquiry. It recommends that the government take action to better manage controversial practices. Since then, the government promised to review the 2005 Gambling Act, focusing on solving the problem of online stolen goods. This is aimed at two specific groups, with tailored questions for each group:

First group

• Video game players and adults are responsible to children and young people who play video games through playing games. Loot forensics-investigation of player experience issues. Alternatively, you can download the feedback form from this page. For more detailed information on how to respond, please refer to the "Legacy Box Evidence Collection" document on this page.

2 teams

• Video game companies, researchers and organizations interested in video games and loot boxes – For questions and details on how to respond, please see the "Loot Box Call for Calls" document on this page.

The Minister of Digital Culture, Caroline Dinenage, said in a statement issued by the then British government:

“The video game industry that we cherish is making good progress in developing safer environments for children to play, such as parental control that can set schedules and limit play time. However, we have heard parents’ concerns about loot boxes. The correct point is that we fully inspect and understand the harm they may cause or any evidence related to gambling issues so that we can decide whether we need to take action."

Caroline Dinenage, Minister of Digital Culture, UK

The heat map above shows the increasing focus of the British on loot box practices

Of course, this conforms to the global trend, that is, various regulatory agencies are increasing their review efforts in order to better regulate the use of microtransactions in games. Japan was the first country to take action in 2012, declaring this practice illegal. In 2016, China forced publishers to share not only the possible rewards, but also the possibility of receiving rewards, and further restrictions in the following years. The Netherlands took similar actions in 2018. In a study of 10 companies, the Netherlands found that 4 companies violated gambling regulations. Belgium quickly followed their neighbors and declared that all loot was illegal in online games.

Time to act now

The list is endless. It seems that life imitates art and vice versa. In recent decades, as the stolen box and micro-transaction society spread like a virus, it seems that antidote is finally catching up.

Today marks your last opportunity to express your opinions and contribute to the discussions in the UK. Are you or the people who depend on you affected by the loot pandemic? If so, you must give your opinion before midnight. We invite you to visit the gov.uk website and strictly implement this operation. At least in Britain, maybe we can finally get rid of this evil, insidious practice.

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