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Boley Bollingley and Aberdeen are eighth in the Scottish game Ewan Murray | Football

smallScottish football has had a bad few weeks and it is difficult to remember them. In two days of the past three days, government coronavirus conferences have been dominated by once-beautiful games (which don’t seem to be popular yet).

The eight Aberdeen players believe that it is wise to participate in the busy city center bar after the Rangers defeated at home. Even without Boli Polingoli’s unusual actions, politicians have set their sights on the resumption of the Scottish Premier League. . The Celtics' left-back, who was generally regarded as exhausting before his trip to Spain, has now triggered the delay of three games. This is an insulting statement. Regarding the idea of ​​KR Reykjavik (KR Reykjavik), since going to the countryside will be severely restricted, next week they will face the Celtics in the Champions League qualifiers, which is really a penny.

Those who are cynical about the Scottish government will emphasize that this is a useful distraction from the chaotic examination results, but this national sport has a reputation for when it cannot afford it. The coronavirus has already caused Scottish clubs to struggle for survival, eagerly hoping to get the threshold soon. Instead, Nicola Sturgeon warned that another violation of the law would terminate the sport indefinitely. If this happens, the club will be pushed to the edge.

Bolingoli's antics go against faith. He skipped to Spain for the night without notifying the club in advance, or when he returned, he notified the club with Aberdeen-gate news. He occupied the Celtic's substitute position in Sunday's draw in Kilmarnock, which not only violated the quarantine agreement, but also brought risks to both players and staff. When Celtics manager Neil Lennon said that he was "lively" and "shocked", it was an understatement. It's hard to imagine Bolingoli wearing a Celtic shirt.

The Celtics said they have "started" the Covid-19 agreement and "cannot do it anymore." This was achieved in an untimely conservative attitude, rather than the typical situation of the old company, but dozens of Celtic and Aberdeen employees suffered pay cuts and concerns about the future, and they spent money on helping to restore football. Several months of time and unremitting professional work. It is difficult to determine what measures can be taken against rogue elements such as Bolingoli or Aberdeen 8. Football players have a responsibility, just as they have a responsibility to deploy even common sense.

An overview of Aberdeen’s home stadium Pittodrie in the game against the Rangers.

At the beginning of the Premier League season, the Rangers defeated eight Aberdeen players 1-0 and they came to a city center bar. Photo: Andrew Milligan/AFP/Getty Images

Events that were of little concern were forgotten curiously. After the test results were late, the Rangers and Motherwell had to postpone the kick-off of a friendly game on July 22. But the Rangers split their team in two and played against Dundee United earlier in the day, asking questions that have not been fully answered. Due to the delay in the test, the Heberians had to cancel the practice match against Ross County. When seven staff members tested positive for Covid-19, St Mirren appeared at the cluster center. Only six of them were interpreted as incorrect results.

Scottish football's handling of the new normal is not perfect. The President of the Scottish Football Association Rod Petrie talked about acting “swiftly and decisively” on the Bolingoli incident; on Friday morning, as eight players were forced to quarantine, Aberdeen traveled to St. Johnstone for lunch on Saturday The itinerary is still on site. The Scottish government said: "No, you won't." Because football institutions have always been unsustainable, they mischievously cringe like naughty pupils.

In order to catch up with the start date of the new TV broadcast, the top flight flew away. Weakened the leadership of the 2019-20 campaign, and now is exactly the movie they want to avoid. Not their ball. Holyrood is in charge, not the Scottish Football Association or the Scottish Professional Football League. The latter has always sounded panic in 38 games. Now, they must consider rescheduling.

This is not the standard season. The Celtics' pursuit of 10 consecutive championship titles intensified the conspiracy. When playing at Dundee United on the night of August 22, Lennon’s soldiers may be 11 points behind the Rangers. The Celtics may be the favorite to win in the Premier League, but they put more pressure on them. As far as football is concerned, there are currently no rules and regulations regarding how to deal with serious disruptions or any long delays in Scottish matches. In the coming period of historical creation, this in itself represents the largest elephant in a room full of tribal divisions.

There is no guarantee that players or clubs will avoid further crimes. In fact, it is unwise to bet on it. If combined with this feeling, the Scottish Football Theatre will always exceed the value of the field, then this time the background is completely serious. Urge fish warned: "Next time it will be a red card, because you will have no choice." Some clubs may survive the suspension.

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