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Best handheld game console of 2020

The best handheld game console can make you feel happy everywhere. Although gaming PCs, PS4 and Xbox One are good companions at home, they bring inconvenience to travel and cannot be actually played during transportation. This is the use of a handheld console: a powerful, lightweight machine that can be easily hidden in a backpack or even a pocket.

Although the best handheld game consoles in the past let you choose between limited specifications (such as Nintendo Game Boy) and high power consumption (such as Sega Game Gear), modern handheld game consoles are not subject to these restrictions. The gadgets in this list support in-depth games with beautiful graphics. Due to the long battery life, you can also play for hours at a time.

Whether you need to spend time commuting or getting busy after arriving at your destination, this is the best handheld game console you can buy.

What is the best handheld game console?

A few years ago, as devices such as Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Vita competed for supremacy, the handheld game market split between Nintendo and Sony. Now, Nintendo has almost entangled the traditional handheld device market with the Switch.

There are two types of Switch available: Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The former is an innovative game console that you can connect to a TV or play as a handheld computer. The latter applies only to handheld devices. The game selections on the two systems are the same, which is good news for fans of Nintendo games such as The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. Please note that the process of transferring saved data between these two systems is not that seamless, so you may want to choose one and stick to it.

In addition to powerful tablets for multimedia and productivity, Apple iPad Air has always been a pretty good gaming device. There are many great games in the Apple App Store. However, with the launch of Apple Arcade last year, iOS devices received high-profile prices from independent developers and large studios. If you have n’t tried Apple Arcade, then the quality of some games can be comparable to home game consoles, which is worth a look.

We also recommend that you use Google Pixel 3a, which can provide some good games through the Google Play store. However, it is also a platform for Google Stadia games, which means you can play traditional large budget games on a small screen. Just make sure to bring the controller too.

The best handheld game console you can buy today

Best handheld game console: Nintendo Switch

(Source: "Tom's Guide")

1. Nintendo Switch

Dimensions: 9.4 x 4.0 x 0.6 inches | Weight: 14.1 ounces | Battery Life: 9 hours | Game store: Nintendo eShop

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