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Azeron compact gaming keyboard review: game-changing accessibility features

The Azeron keyboard is a unique handmade peripheral that has permanently changed the way I play PC games.

  • Manufacturer: Azeron
  • Model: Compact gaming keyboard
  • Review Price: £149
  • Provided by: Azeron

"This is my keyboard. There are many similar things, but this is mine. My keyboard is my best friend. I have to master it, just like I have to master a mouse. Without my keyboard, there is no use. Without a keyboard, I am useless. I will learn its weaknesses, strengths, parts and accessories. I will always protect it from weather and destruction, because I will always protect the legs, arms, eyes and heart of the game character Avoid damage. I will keep the Azron keyboard clean and ready. We will be part of each other. We will…"


I have always liked playing games on the PC rather than on the console, but after decades of using the controller, I found it difficult to adapt to using the keyboard to move. Mouse control has never been a problem, and you can't deny the accuracy and smoothness it provides. However, when it comes to the keyboard, the arthritis fused the bones of my wrist together, and the finger gymnastics required to hit all the keys brought an unprecedented obstacle. It's not just embarrassment, it's total pain.

I tried several solutions, and even held a controller with my left hand and a mouse with my right hand. This is possible in some games, but it never made you comfortable. What I need is a button that is familiar with the analog joystick under the thumb and can be easily reached without the clumsy fingers.

When I saw the Azeron keyboard, it was like the light on my head was always on. Could this be the peripherals I need, and these peripherals will eventually allow me to play PC games without playing the Xbox controller?

Unboxing and accessories

The sleek box contains a well-designed packaging that can be folded to reveal an epic keyboard. Cardboard packaging is easy to recycle, but I am the kind of person who likes to keep boxes, and now it is proud to be displayed with my other collections.

Nowadays, more and more manufacturers see that most of the packaging of the Azeron keyboard is made of cardboard, with some foam on the base, and a small carrying bag with adjustment tools. For that matter, there is an extra flat wrist.

The delivery speed is very fast. After specifying my color and accessories, the keyboard arrived in three days. Azeron keeps some of the most popular keyboards, but if you specify some more unique keyboards, the turnaround time can be as long as several weeks, which is good for handmade products.


At first glance, the Azeron keyboard is a daunting looking device. At first, the various switches connected to the key tower looked daunting, but once held in the hand, it felt natural. Personally, I like the appearance, even though I heard some people say that they don't like the appearance (of course jealous).

All cables are braided, and Azeron even color-codes the cables connecting the key tower to the PCB. With comprehensive equipment customization, you can choose colors to match your preferred battlefield design. My keyboard is black with red switches and cables. I think it is very beautiful.

No matter what you think about the appearance, the quality of the ergonomics is beyond doubt, because the well-thought-out adjustability means that the position of the keyboard can fit almost everyone's hands. Although it is not as big as it looks, and although the device takes up space, most of it is hidden in the wrist and under the hands when in use. Functionally, the Azeron keyboard is close to perfect.

In terms of peripherals, left-handed people are often overlooked, but Azeron allows the keyboard to be inserted in both hands, so if you prefer a left-handed mouse and a right-handed controller, you can cover them.

Construction quality

Azeron 3D printed its keyboard and assembled it by hand. Although there are some very small rough edges and marks, the surface treatment is excellent. These will never affect performance, I like to think of them as keyboard fingerprints.

People often question why Azeron does not switch to using molds for mass production, and their reasoning makes sense. 3D printing makes the Azeron keyboard a dynamic design. As more and more keyboards enter people's hands, they can respond to feedback and make adjustments and revisions to components easier than if you need to remake molds and adjust the complete manufacturing process.

As mentioned earlier, the Azeron keyboard is manually assembled and welded by a team who loves to work, and it reflects the quality of the keyboard. This continuous production and improvement cycle has led to an incredibly well-designed product. The keyboard is installed on a steel base, which feels sturdy and durable, and is firmly fixed on the table by soft rubber feet.

There are 24The Azeron keyboard is a unique handmade peripheral that has permanently changed the way I play PC games. The Omron switch is equipped with an activation point on the keyboard and an analog stick. If the game supports it, the stick can provide 360-degree movement, or it can move instead of WASD. All these switches can be reached by just pulling, pressing or flicking a finger or thumb, but there are only four, and the last four can be reached with a single finger tap.

I saw video reviews about early iterations, and the reviewer commented that the switch on his device was loose. This is not the case on my Azeron Compact. All switches have a clicking sound and responsiveness, and are tightly installed, with almost no perceptible swing.


Everyone's hands are different. The length of the fingers is different, the distance between the two fingers is also different, and even the angle at which they naturally rest varies from person to person. With Azeron keyboard, you can adjust the length and angle of each key tower, thumb rest and thumb switch separately. Using the included hex screwdriver, loosen the few screws at the bottom of the keypad to adjust everything to fit your hand perfectly. Think of it as a way to buy custom clothing instead of ready-made clothing.

It also includes fingertips of various lengths, the top or bottom of which is either concave or convex. These are easily interchangeable, and some smart people even replace them with Xbox Elite controller handles. Indeed, Azeon encourages you to modify the controller as you wish, and their Discord server is full of unique customization features that people propose, from custom skins and grip tape to tactile pads on switches.

However, the customization does not depend on you. There are many options to choose from when configuring the controller on the Azeron website. You can choose from a variety of colors, including the glow in dark plastic, if you want something not listed by them, you can contact them and they will be happy to help you. Many options are free, although some style options cost a small but reasonable fee.


Switching from the keyboard or controller to the Azeron keyboard takes a small amount of time to adjust. Before getting the keys, I had to change the key assignments a few times to activate them instinctively in response to the prompts on the screen. Once the key assignment is determined, you must decide which actions and functions to assign to each switch.

This is perhaps the most important customization of the controller you will perform. Since I mainly use the keyboard for first-person shooter games, I have set up a main profile for these games. There are two quick switching profiles, and there is a button on the base that allows you to quickly switch between them, but you can assign more profiles in the Azeron software. For me, I find it easier to adjust the key bindings in the game than to create a new profile each time, but no matter which method you choose, it is a simple process.

The first two configuration files will be saved to the onboard memory, so you can plug the keyboard into another PC and complete the operation in a few seconds. All your calibrations and key assignments will be recalled, but any macros you assign need to open the Azeron software.

When you start the software for the first time, you can calibrate the analog stick. This sets the external dead zone, and you can also change the activation angle of the joystick to match the X and Y movement you naturally feel.

Not every game supports simultaneous input, which requires the use of analog input with mouse and keyboard controls. (Full list of supported titles)

For games that do not support it, the analog joystick can also be set well in WASD mode, and using it to play Destiny 2 will not hinder my game in any way. Without the three fingers tied together, the movement will be smoother, and it is an excellent way of playing.

The responsiveness is excellent. The polling rate of the Azeron keyboard is 1000 Hz, and all inputs are activated without delay. The action is instantaneous, and because all your controls are within reach, it gives you a significant advantage in fast-paced games that require a lot of complex actions.

What does it look like?

I tested the Azeon keyboard in a large number of different games, and tried the key assignments and controller layouts. I finally chose "Destiny 2" (Late late to the Destiny Party), and within an hour, I ran, sprinted, jumped on a jetpack and easily browsed the map. I no longer need to look away from the monitor, I don’t have to check which key I need to press, and I don’t accidentally type the wrong key.

The analog joystick feels very natural. Using controllers for years means I don't even have to think about what I am doing. Literally, this is the best of both worlds. You will get the easy movement and accessibility of a game controller, as well as the excellent accuracy and fast responsiveness of a mouse. This is transformative.

For me, the biggest difference is that even after playing for a few hours, riding an arthritic wrist feels good. For any gamer with limited joint movement, the Azeron keyboard can provide you with a fully functional gaming experience.

The game should be suitable for everyone, and the Azeron keyboard opens an unprecedented door to the PC gaming world. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is struggling with the learning process from the controller to the mouse and keyboard transition, and there are certainly many people who are actually struggling with the keyboard for gaming. The keyboard can bridge this gap.


The price of the Azeron keyboard is 149 pounds, which is the price of a high-end product, but it is more expensive than game controllers such as Xbox Elite or Razer competition controllers. I think they are definitely worth the money. Each keyboard has hundreds of parts and screws used in the structure, and it takes several hours to assemble and test by hand.

In the few weeks I have had the keyboard, I have used it every day, and it has changed the way I play. I can’t play for a long time because I feel uncomfortable. Not only can I play for the time up to now, but also better than ever. To me, that is priceless.


The Azeron gaming keyboard is an incredible controller. I like the design, and the build quality feels great. Analog joysticks and easy-to-operate switches have taken my game to a new level, but this is exactly how I made PC gaming possible with a mouse and controller, which makes it my favorite gaming peripheral. I've never given a perfect score to anything before, but the Azron keyboard is completely flawless.

Azeron keyboard is available directly from Azeron https://www.azeron.eu/, And are now major retailers such as Amazon and Etsy.

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