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Apple cancels some Apple Arcade game development plans as part of a "strategic shift"

According to a report from Apple, it is said that Apple will cancel the development of some new Apple Arcade exclusive games. Bloomberg Cited the "strategic shift" of Apple's monthly paid game service.

The report, adopted 9to5MacSaid: "Apple [Apple] is more and more interested in games that fascinate users, so subscribers can try the service for free." Apple reportedly told some developers that their upcoming games do not meet Apple's platform "Participation" expectations. .

Apple Arcade launched last September With iOS 13, subscribers can be given unlimited access to the game’s proprietary games. Apple Arcade costs $4,99 per month and can be accessed through iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV, the company said at the time Invested more than 500 million US dollars to reach an exclusive agreement with iOS developers.

Developers now worry about the "financial distress" associated with abandoned games.

People familiar with the matter said that some developers whose contracts were cancelled by Apple suddenly faced financial difficulties, and the pandemic compounded the situation. Although Apple terminated the contract, it still paid the studio based on the development milestones they had achieved. The company also told developers that it will work with them to develop future games that meet new requirements.

Apple is said to have contacted the game producer and asked them to keep certain styles in mind:

In a conference call with developers in April, Apple Arcade representatives cited a specific example of the type of game the company wanted: Grindstone, a compelling puzzle action game from Capybara Games with multiple levels.

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