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Apple Arcade games may change dramatically to retain subscribers

A new survey shows that a few months ago, Apple cancelled contracts with many Apple Arcade games and chased other games as part of a strategic shift aimed at increasing user retention. Bloomberg report.

Strategy? Launch more games to keep players "engaged" and continue to play games after a one-month free trial of the service. In addition, expand the range of games and reduce the games that Apple believes are not suitable for the bill.

The report cites Grindstone as an example that meets this condition: an addictive puzzle game that has been widely praised Polygon And others have fascinated players longer than other released games in Apple Arcade's more than 60 game lineups. Even after adding to today’s 120 titles (increasing more each month), the service cannot attract subscribers.


(Source: Capybara Games Inc)

Apple Arcade offers a wide range of games, but some games are more calm and more experience than simple, repeatable but replayable games on Grindstone and other services. The monthly fee of $4.99/£4.99/7 AU$7.99 gives subscribers access to the full game library without advertising or in-game monetization, which is attractive-but this strategic shift shows that the service needs more services To prove to consumers that their prices are reasonable.

Therefore, Apple told some developers in mid-April that according to Bloomberg, their Apple Arcade games did not have the "engagement" Apple sought and canceled the contract. Although they were paid according to the level of development, this made some The affected developers face financial challenges, especially in a pandemic.

It is unclear how many games are affected and how this shift will change the entire Apple Arcade game library. Since its launch in April 2019, it is clear that the tech giant is trying to attract people who can play on most of the company’s devices, mainly households, mobile gamers and Apple users.

The subsequent lineup uniquely blends stylized and thoughtful but not particularly dynamic games, which are deliberately different from popular games in mainstream games. Nothing like "Our Last Hero 2" or "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" or "Assassin's Creed". Although not Grindstone, Apple's transformation may open the door to more traditionally attractive games.

However, we didn’t know until Apple signed up with new developers, or when these games were ready to be released on Apple Arcade. If we know one thing about Apple, it is that we know very little.

Apple Arcade Black Box

Apple Arcade’s initial promotional approach attracted two game developers and developers. They didn’t have to deal with microtransactions, and developers could pay through the development and release of their games without including in-game monetization plans. But the exact terms have never been made public, and because the tech giant has not yet released subscription or revenue data, it is unclear how successful Apple Arcade is.

Or, in other words, Apple reported a $500 million investment in the service, Financial Times According to reports, it has paid off in April 2019. According to the latest report from Bloomberg, the tech giant has budgeted tens of millions of dollars so far to help developers make games for Apple Arcade, and spent $1 million to $5 million to buy multiple games.

As we all know, Apple knows nothing about the details, but only released information about the success of the umbrella category that Apple Arcade belongs to: Apple Services. Together with the App Store, Apple Music and Apple TV Plus, the category increase Sales reached US$13.3 billion in the first quarter of 2020, higher than US$11.4 billion in the same period last year. It is not yet known how much Apple Arcade, which launched in September 2019, contributed to this revenue.

Therefore, insight into Apple Arcade's performance depends on rumors and reports. Developers told Bloomberg that this strategic shift to prioritizing "higher engagement" games shows that subscriber growth has been weaker than expected. In any case, Apple recently extended the free trial period to two months, ostensibly to make the service more likely to fall into the fans’ minds.

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