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After the delay, can SEGA's superb Tokyo Olympic Games enter PS5?

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After introducing the Japanese version, we reviewed SEGA's outstanding 2020 Tokyo Olympics champions last year. But with Today's event postponed to 2021, Publishers can now make big decisions. The version was originally scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 4 in the western region this summer, and will be shown on global sports shows in July this year, but it will definitely be postponed now.

Of course, it opens up the possibility of a PlayStation 5 port, because-assuming the corona virus doesn't delay the device-the next-generation console should be available by next summer. We have requested an update from SEGA and we will update as soon as we receive a response.

Whenever it starts, the good news is that this pairing is excellent. We wrote in the comments: "In an era when arcade games have little known name, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: Official video games remind us that SEGA is still the champion of effervescent sports games." "Various events, every event With its addictive game mechanics, the entertaining gift package is worth a look. Combine it with vibrant art style and some good online options, and you'll have the gold standard of competitive sports here. "

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